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Nov 18, 2009

Fending off the Unfriended

"Unfriend" according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, is the Word of the Year. Oxford defines "unfriend," a verb, thusly: "To remove someone as a 'friend' on a social networking site such as Facebook."

So perhaps its time, you let go of the strangers who are on your friends list or the snoopy colleague at work. While its agonising to be unfriended, (Divine Justice - Bollywood style ) it not easy fending off the unfriended, when they confront us and ask for the reason. Well, look around you, and get inspired. Here are some responses you could use :-

1. Did I unfriend you? I know I shouldn't have. Let me check and respond. (Mayawati to Supreme Court on Memorial, style)

2. I value your friendship. But my family needs me more. And Family comes First. (Sachin style)

3. I just needed (your) attention. (Sena style)

4. Claim "Its against internet's culture to ask the reason for being unfriended " Then get violent and send virulent viruses and claim you did it because your cultural sensibilities were affected. (MNS style)

5. Everyone is doing it. Don't focus on just me. (Yedurappa's 1.7 crore renovation expenses style)

6. I want to spend the time, I spent on your friendship, helping the poor and needy. (Manu Sharma's give me Parole style)

7. I didn't unfriend you. Some virus did it. (Koda denial style)

8. Its just the beginning. I have asked all my friends to unfriend you. Lets see who ends up with how many friends. Its going to be an unfriendly unfriending war for friendship. (Ambani brothers style)

9. Hide and let someone else explain it for you. (Osama style)

10. Lol ! You thought I care about your feelings! (Rajapakse style)

11. We can, (pause) have a great and meaningful, (long pause) offline relationship, (longer pause) only if I unfriend you, (longest pause) first. (Obama on Tibet style)

2. I know how you feel. It hurts awfully. Its only one for you. I was unfriended by 7 people today. (Pakistan on terrorism in India style)

13. See for a better life, you need to unfriend and declutter your life. I was helping you kickstart the process. Unfriend everyone else, then don't forget to be grateful to me for it. (US enabling Iraq style)

14. Let me give you 3 email ids. They can be your friends instead of me. (Just don't target us, US to Pakistan style)

15. Of course I know you don't deserve it. But I am the member of Nobel Committee on Increasing Internet Friendship...


  1. many hours do you read/watch news per day?!!!


    BTW I read in some comment that you blog elsewhere too. Do provide links.

  2. If you come up with anything more amusing i shall ask you out on a date!!!

    this was side splittingly funny!!

    and thanks for taking the 'kashtt' to follow my poems on MushRoom :)

  3. stupidosaur perhaps couple of hours. but not watching ..reading : cnn, bbc,toi,ie,rediff, ibn,ndtv, hindu,abc, cbs,nbc, outlook,time and irregularly and
    this is a reduced list. earlier used to read a bit more..but this is a phase..i do everythin in phases..

    the links to all my posts are in
    i used to blog in 7 sites o3.indiatimes, sulekha, sify, tripod, msn spaces etc. but now i am parallel posting only in sulekha and recently abandoned my o3 blogs.

    in o3 i had around 10 urls the main ones were
    in sulekha its

    if you wanted to read comments you could read o3 blogs . if u want to read posts u can check out the back up i made in blogspot..

  4. prianca i am sorry i couldn't comment more..have reserved it for the weekend.

    actually this is probably marketing post:D my regular ones are boring..but its nice to get compliments:)

  5. i meant i had reserved UR blog for weekend prianca

  6. lol, kill them all ;)
    btw, anything special on Kasab anniversary??

  7. tarun not sure if i would post..

  8. Interesting way to harness the creativity of our politicians.

  9. Really very funny. Loved your humor. Keep up the good work!


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