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Nov 14, 2009

Celebrating Birthdays

What did Nehru Do for Children? Why should we celebrate Children's Day today?
Perhaps we should celebrate Sonia's Birthday as Bahu Day.. (Sorry Ekta Kapoor you still have Saas Day)..
Since Balasaheb seems to know more about Indian culture, should we celebrate Culture Day on his birthday? (Kareena's bareback poster irks Sena activists)


  1. I don't know if you've heard of this :P joke that children's day is celebrated exactly 9 months after valentine's day!

    One of my friends had told me of a newspaper article according to which Nehru actually disliked children, and that there's only one photo of him with children and that had been used to push his image as children-lover!

    One this he's surely done good for children is to have a special day earmarked for them so that they could have one more holiday!

    Probably what might have irked them could be the fact that it was the back that was bare! :P


  2. yeah i knnnnnnnnow the valentine children day gap..

    well i just think its plain stupid..i think the bahu day idea is better than the children's day idea..:D

    or maybe they read your comment on the "vulgar to someone" and took you tooooo seriously:d

  3. There are a lot of contradictory views about Nehru and children. I have read that he loved children and cared about their overall development.

  4. so other leaders dont care and love many schemes had Nehru introduced for children?? its just a congress conspiracy..i feel..


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