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Sep 27, 2010

Shameful Sanitation

In the sea of humanity, some fishes are more equal than others
If the toilets offered to visitors were not hygienic I wonder about the toilets offered to 400000 CWG workers. But in an image obsessed nation, these Indian workers don't matter. 

UN estimates 55 percent of Indians still defecate outside.The media conveniently sleeps to the fact that more Indians have access to mobile phones than improved sanitation and wakes up only to criticize Kalmadi. 

I am not saying unclean toilets are okay. Just saying Clean Sanitation options should not be a luxury and should be a right of every Indian.

2 articles which didn't say the usual

I am sick of writing about CWG, but sanitation is not a silly cause to support. Would like to recycle 180 feet and  Waste.

PS : Clicked the Pic on the latest trip. 


  1. Oh yes! You are right! An issue is an issue in our country when a foreigner raises it. Right from corruption, abuse of women, children's rights, sanitation, clean drinking water, encroachments, pollution, exploitation of poor, child abuse...... The issues in India are unending. Of course, no one cares for the slums which were displaced or the workers brought in to build the CWG stadia who live in inhuman conditions. Or at numerous sites where construction takes place in India. I am also really sick of CWG, but I hope we keep the momentum on till all the people behind the scam and senseless looting of public resources are brought to book.

    Only public anger could take them to justice. Else, this will be among the countless scams we read about in the papers and then forget.

  2. hii
    cant agree more... sanitation is a major problem in India..and yes clean toilets should not be a luxury but a right...

  3. rachna well said. and inspite of being sick about it, i voted in cnn that India should have been awarded CWG. (the results were like 67% against it) and it is depressing to come across polls like it. and i am still hoping that it will go off well. but i am not sure if the guilty will be punished. its would be really depressing if they got away with it.
    i have a feeling Ayodhya politics would distract the CWG scam and people seemed to have forgotten Raja and his 3g 2g scams

  4. well as Rachna said a issue is not a issue in our country till a foreigner raises and when they raise then we will cry over it so much blog , sms such a hoopla we make , and if the foreigner happens to be a indian ooops they have had it
    they become traitors, fools blah blah but truth of the matter is TRUTH...

    its like for example today 27th is Bhagat singhs BIrthday and no national newspapers has anything about it which is a disgrace.. and here in UK we have organised a few functions tonight, have had Paath going on in the gurudwara sahib ...
    This will never get notices but you say india is dirty all hell breaks loose .. so who is wrong WE who live aborad or Those who live there :)

    Coming to CWG well I doubt if anything will happen, till date has ever anything happened formality sake they will get a scape goat .. The people have made there money they are SO SHAMELESS they will hardly accept ...

    Ayodhya politics is going on because of this cwg to take the minds off this.. Our politicians are damn clever lot

    We indians are good we forget very easily look we have forgotten about the national hero, the few days back Facebook, blogs , sms, but today When i went to my fb account JUST TWO people had acknowledged the hero ...
    and when Rajiv Gandhi's birthday was celebrated crores were spent on it ..

    This is We INDIANS.

    Bikram's Blog

  5. We can't ensure clean toilets for our 55%(???) population or the visiting delegates / sportspersons (& labourers) of CWG. We can let grains rot and see a million(s) starve. And much else. We can talk big, but cannot deliver.

  6. bikram, I have replied to your comment in your post. but how can we even compare Bhagat Singh to Rajiv Gandhi a man who endorsed the Delhi Riots?

    btw i thought CWG was taking our mind off the 3g 2G spectrum scams. and you r right next it will be ayodhya.

    RGB yes sadly..

  7. Politicians are taking India backwards....Somehow they need to be stopped.

  8. A Yes:) and the worst part, we vote for them.

  9. Bikram -- When I said foreigners, I meant affluent, white foreigners. With our deep-seated complexes, those are the only people whose opinion matters to us. I did not imply NRIs like you :), and most people when they talk about foreigners -- you can be assured mean just that.

  10. agree with rachna:)
    NRIs are never include blue collared ones
    and foreigners who count are white even if not affluent.

  11. agree with rachna:)
    NRIs never include blue collared ones
    and foreigners who count are white even if not affluent.

  12. @Rachna This foreginer thing was not in that sense i meant that its true .. a issue is a issue only when someone from outside picks it up

    I said about people syaing stuff cause i read a post where a foreigner had something about india being dirty and the comments that i read to that , how dare he say this to our country and stuff like that ..

    Thats what i meant

    Sorry if it came out all wrong.. I did not mean the way it came out Sorry... I did not take it as you meaning me or something like that ... ooops

  13. bikram a small confession, i feel worse when i read about cwg in cnn or bbc than on ndtv or toi websites.

    there was a poll on cnn, Right for India to have been awarded CWG well without hesitation i voted yes and was disappointed when most said no. if it had been a toi poll, i would have thought a bit more and then only voted yes.

    i think both extremes are wrong getting too defensive when a foreigner criticises or becoming too appeasing when a foreigner criticises.

    my excuse for my cnn-bbc negative India news, there is also much positive India news and they might overlook it. (actually they don't but i can't help this reaction).

  14. It is so disgusting to hear them! Toilets are never clean anywhere in India, except hi-fi shopping malls. Even in Airports, they look brownish! Public toilets are never successful in our country! Even in govt run offices !! EEks! It sucks!!

  15. indeed vaish. but sulabh does a good job i am told


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