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Sep 27, 2010

TV Thoughts

They didn't want to watch the match with us, because we might not use the projector and the big screen. Then they will have to see it on a small TV, brand unknown. Not even a LCD or a flat screen, forget LED, or 42inch. What in the world were we thinking?

Decades ago, it was okat to watch TV with friends at the neighbours. Today, the neighbours decide if we are worthy of their friendship based on what TV we own.

DD was not fun but today's DD (Disappointing Distance) is more horrible. Its not just adults who judge you based on
1.The locality and number of bedrooms in your house
2.The car
3.The TV you own.
Its kids too.

I haven't forgotten the fun in waiting for some fun on DD. Watching "Aamchi Mathi Aamchi Manoos" or "Apan yaana Pahila Ka?" and thinking an interview would end, if they showed the long shot (in a neighbour's house of course). Being amazed as a teen, when a friend's sister had TWO channels and could watch a match without being at the mercy of a cable operator who rotated channels.

I have the money to buy a great TV for my kid but how will I give my kid, the fun I had with TV, as a kid?

Why is it so tough to convince my friends and neighbours its not about Price but about Value. Fun is not just about what you see, but how and with whom you see it:)

PS : They are still my friends. I do feel bad when they don't get my point of view but as DD has thought me, Life isn't What you want it to be:) And I accept and love my friends inspite of their "snobbish values".

PPS : And who am I kidding, when the ribbing gets too bad, I am glad I have the projector:)


I don't think Bikram's Blog needs directions from this blog, but instead of writing a post I thought I could mention his post Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh.


  1. Very true. But the concept of fun has changed over the years. From outdoor games (gilli-danda, marbles, kho-kho, hide-and-seek, shuttle...) and indoor games (carroms, cards, tt...) to the idiot box (Doordarshan to the million and one channels TV has to offer now) to computer / video games & PSPs to video game parlours to internet games and God knows to what! Things are not the same anymore and there's nothing we can do about it but go with the flow!

  2. wah!..what a timing of this post..I just bought a new TV :D...
    it reminded me of my childhood..when we used to watch TV in our tenants place..we had a common door.between our flats and they used to open whenever we kids knocked ..that was when dad was not at home:P....they(christians) were more like relatives to mom also used to watch with us sittin in our side of the house.and.we used to go and sit next to their kids..:) awesome memories.. now i dont think such a thing is that common..

  3. uncommon, well i think earlier people used to be tolerant of people just knocking and watching. and now i can accept that it might not be convenient, especially when there are multiple channels. but i do think its silly when people including kids judge a person by the tv.
    bigger the person, better the tv, pleasssssssse.

  4. ya...the concept of fun has changed..and it is not a good thing..good post buddy:)

  5. Using the technology wisely in the key...things will keep is not just TV...

  6. ramesh yeah, so obsessed with what we have/own..

    A yeah i have nothing against technology. though 3D tv still creeps me out.

  7. I loved your PPS :). As much as I remember nostalgically the magical DD and DD metro days, I wouldn't want to go to days of bad reception and less cable channels. But, luckily I don't judge neighbors by the brand of TVs they own. That is really superficial!

  8. well rachna the pps is absolutely true:d
    i don't flaunt it or even talk about it, but when people go on telling me i should get a better tv, if i want them to come over, its nice to think, hey i can taunt them back with my projector but I am unlike them, so i don't:D

    no i am not for good old DD days. there are plenty of good programs along with the bad ones now. but the news is disappointing. its one thing for dd to toe the govt line but another for the news media to live in their own cocoons.

  9. Chakk te fatte :) indeed how will we give the fun we had to our kids the fun we had
    i rmemeber we did not have a tv , Mrs Bedi next door use to have she was a widow here son was in army so he use to be away..

    Mrs Bedi would call us every sunday to watc hthe evening movie we use to watch it in her house and she would give us biscuits in interval

    Then we bought a tv, it came in a Rickshaw :O.. the kids of the street were running around it .. the aerial got fitted..

    But yeah in todays age it is one of thsoe things , I recently bought a 50 inch plasma tv , till now i had the small 32 inch one and it did the job pretty good , but as you say people who came sometimes did mention i shud get a bigger tv, I did not need it .. i am at work most of the day come home about 11ish then sleep where is the time to see , and for that much time does it matter if big and small...

    People dont have proper stuff at home or deny things to kids just to make sure they can buy a lcd big tele to show off

    and thanks for mentioning my post yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more comments now he he he eheh :) thank you

  10. I have the money to buy a great TV for my kid but how will I give my kid, the fun I had with TV, as a kid?

    I liked this line.

    TV is boring thats why I am sitting in front of laptop. :)

    I read Bikram's article. It is a fanastic work by him.

  11. Those days, we were glued to the so-called idiot box, which was not idiot! Afterall, it showed all nice seriels, cartons, epic stories, and funny tales of Malgudi! These days kids are superfluously attached to TV, or playing videogames!! Huh!!!

  12. Vooops!! *it's CARTOON :)

  13. well the fun of tv was something when we did not own one..DD channel was the best..i remember waiting for those ad's or polio awareness programms cauz somethig was interesting in them..

    nd now?? DUH

  14. Technology keeps on changing!!! And I hate idiot box! Sorry, but I don't like tv. Hope we can find something more better :)


  15. I feel so sad to see the materialism today..I nevr make a friendship with a person who gives more importance to money or things..I wish you hadnt added that last it is you highling a very good point, why dilute the effect.

  16. samvedna, i explained in the comment that i don't flaunt it. i didn't buy the projector again to flaunt it. when it comes to writing about myself i am going to write whats is rather than how i should be:)
    for eg i don't think kids should be judged based on marks and thats what i tell others. but if my kid gets good marks, i am going to be glad about it. i think its ok as long as i don't use it against other kids or get upset with my kid when kid gets less marks

  17. It's no good. The battle of prices will vanquish you. Kids happiness on owning a ne w gadget doen't even last a day. Sad state of affairs.

  18. tanvi ok:)

    yes madhu:) well even now i have few fav prgs but the experience then was different:)

    vaish yes :) of course i got it was cartoon. too much of anything reduces its value:)

    chandrika well that was my favourite line too. and thats something i seriously worry about, however idiotic it might be.

  19. bikram i think you hit the nail on the head. there was a collective happiness. when my neighbour got the tv, i just thought hey i can watch it in their house:D kids today would run home to tell their parents lets buy one for our house too.

  20. holy lama thats absolutely true too..but i have seen kids get depressed when other kids mock them.
    its like cribbing when you don't have water but not appreciating it when you have. opposite of misery is satisfaction not happiness:(

  21. rgb i haven't yet seen it but i think it will turn out like the scene in Wally movie

    unknown sorry i typed your name as uncommon. was probably thinking of your post on freedom of speech

  22. Whatver latest technology like LCD, LEDs and such cme, the experience in watching your favorite shows on a small B/W TV at your neighbor's place is a different experience which I miss now

  23. Its the sad truth are the materialistic thoughts are widening distances between humans.
    they are ultimately the root of several economic discriminations in the society.
    Btw,,a fantastic post..

  24. insignia yes:)

    madrasi yes and thanks so much:)

  25. Although we were too young to remember, I was told that in my little town, my family was among the first to get a TV.. it was a Dianora TV with buttons on the right of it. When it would be a saturday evening, the neighbours would collect at our home.. the hall would be filled as if everyone has come to attend a function.. and they'd watch the sat evening movie in local language. The same goes for our telephone too.
    As for watching TV goes, I agree with "Fun is not just about what you see, but how and with whom you see it:)" It's the memories of togetherness that must take up the whole joy.

  26. Wisedon,
    I believe u r enjoying ur holiday!

  27. unknown thats a new name for me! he he he sounds like some Godfatherish character:))

    well holiday is over packing for next long one.
    And just no time to blog:)

    thanks for checking in:) Made my day:)

  28. Wow! Nice post!

    Meaning of FUN has changed over years and few things which shows price missed from your list.
    1. The mobile model.
    2. Foot wear etc etc..

    I hate this discrimination and I avoid people who do this too!

  29. WiseDon :) ..the name suits u..
    Wish you and yours family a happy Diwali
    if u see ur 1st comment in this post..u referred to me as uncommon :O :O :O

  30. raj yes:)

    unknown, i had in fact apologised in an earlier comment on the error.
    9/28/2010 12:59:00 PM

    thank you so much for your wishes and i hope you and your family had a fabolous diwali too. yes enjoying the chennai storm and hoping it won't be cloudy when i travel on 18th nov.


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