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Sep 6, 2010


My tweets on #LegendofRajni started by @PritishNandy yesterday. Sorry followers for filling your timeline. Perhaps I owe an apology to Mr.Nandy too, but I was inspired and out of control.
For those who  think he is just a regional superstar, well he has fans not just in Japan. A Superstar is not a Planetary Thing.
He is the only celebrity who doesn't mind being photographed without Makeup, in the Entire Universe! How many times has Ash, his Robot co star and former Miss World , come out without make up? (Thanks $#23ror3fero from Neptune for pointing it out). So without wasting more time, lets start with the Legend of Rajni.

  • In the Real #Hitchhiker'sguide2galaxy Earth is known as the cave where Rajnikanth meditates #LegendsofRajni
  • 743825 telescopes across the universe are tracking Rajnikanth Live #LegendsofRajni
  • #Stephen Hawking has changed his statement to Rajnikanth created & sustains Universe #LegendofRajni 
  • #StephenHawking discovered today, the universe revolves around Rajnikanth #LegendsofRajni
  • You may run to the end of Universe to hide from Him, but He would have strolled there b4 you #LegendsofRajni
  • Stars are flashbulbs of aliens clicking pics of #Rajnikanth #LegendsofRajni
  • Aliens landed on earth yesterday.Visited Universal Idol #Rajnikanth  & went back screaming He really Exists. #LegendofRajni 
  • Eclipses are caused by #Rajnikanth's shadows #LegendsofRajni
  • #Rajnikanth fights evil in 89283027346 planets, simultaneously  #LegendsofRajni 
  • Rajnikanth's birthday is celebrated as a festival in 830239201 planets #LegendsofRajni
  • Rajnikanth's birthday is a holiday in 74356454 planets 

  • When Rajnikanth stares at the sun, it hides behind the clouds & it rains (Yipee! it was RT by PritishNandy)
  • Rajnikanth stared at the lightning, Lightning Blinked & Closed its Eyes #LegendsofRajni

  • Is it a bird,Is it a Plane? Oh its Bal Rajnikanth skydiving again! #LegendsofRajni
  • #BalRajnikanth thought Volcanoes were just hot fountains #LegendsofRajni

  • Rajni never gets credit card calls.A marketeer swears Rajni's hand appeared thru phone & tweaked his ear #LegendofRajni
  • Rajnikanth can see through You even if you are on the other side of the Earth #LegendsofRajni 
  • #Rajnikanth can find a needle in an ocean 
  • When Rajnikanth wants diamonds, his hand scoops stones from volcanoes & cuts them with his stares #LegendsofRajni
  • His statue at Tussads spins zooms & flies #LegendofRajni
  • Once Rajnikanth reached upto the sky to save a crashing plane while retrieving a sinking ship with other hand #LegendsofRajnI
  • #Rajnikanth can make #NarasimhaRao laugh. #LegendsofRajni
  • #Osama cannot be found because #Rajnikanth kicked him out of Earth #LegendsofRajni
  • #LegendsofRajni can never be publishd on Earth. All the Trees on Earth can't produce enough paper for even 1 Chapter
  • #ThegreatRajnidiet Breakfast Bullets & Grenades shake, Lunch Knives which have crunch. Dinner Spears & Arrows. #LegendsofRajni
  • He can converse in 543194 languages while sleeping (Can't tweet the languages he can speak while awake due to Twitlimit #LegendsofRajni 
  • While shooting for a song in Switzerland, he held up an avalanche with his little finger #LegendsofRajni

  • James #Bond may have license to kill #Rajnikanth has license to Thrill #LegendsofRajni 
  • Hollywood has not made #LegendsofRajni movie coze it can't find technology to showcase his Powers
  • Indian version of #Expendables stars Rajnkanth with 10 other Rajnikanths #LegendsofRajni 
  • #Superman, #Batman & #Spiderman complained, How can we do all this! What are we #Rajnikanth! #LegendofRajni

  • #Rajnikanth styles Giorgio #Armani #LegendsofRajni
  • Beauty queens ape him when it comes to hair tossing

  • If #Rajnikanth kicks a football once, the ball spins around the stadium & becomes a goal, 200 times over #LegendsofRajni
  • When #Rajnikanth is made a goalkeeper he kicks 839475 goals #LegendsofRajni
  • #106yearoldvirgin vowed she will mate someone like #Rajnikanth only #LegendsofRajni 
  • For his honeymoon, Rajnikanth took his wife for a stroll on Jupiter's moon #LegendsofRajnI
  • #SalmanKhanisShirtless coze if he meets #Rajnikanth he can get #Rajni's autograph near his heart #LegendsofRajni 
  • Harry Potter is actually the story of younger Rajnikanth #LegendsofRajnI
  • Rajnikanth is not on Twitter. Who needs followers when you have infinite worshipers #LegendsofRajni

  • #mychemicalromance is the story of Japanese Robots pining for #Shankar 's #Robot #LegendofRajni 
  • #1billionrajnikanthers can easily defeat #5millionbeliiebers #LegendsofRajni 
  • #biggestliethatworked Rajnikanth is merely a superstar #LegendsofRajni 
  • Beyonce is not celebrating her bday. Rajnikanth forgot to wish her. #LegendsofRajni #happybdaybeyonce 

Eyes lights candles, Smiles melts hearts, Wth Finger Flicks Evil Fought. WhoisHe,she thght.Thats #LegendofRajni Sweetheart


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  2. what should i infer from this? U like rajni or not...i am a staunch rajni fan.Let his films be lousy,let the world find him lousy too, he makes my day everytime i watch that guy on screen..!!
    Rajni rocks!

  3. Well whatever anyone says I love that guy, really I am afan of his.. rose from such humble dwelling to such high level and I had visited madras a few years ago,and i saw the people go mad .. and it was chaos.. he indeed is a legend...
    as madhu says he ROCKS......

  4. Superr Starrr indeed:) Some of them were worth ROFL! All said and done, he does have a charm about him, however lousy I may find some of his onscreen antics (that should perhaps be blamed on the director and the 'super star' status that expects him to act that way)!

  5. RGB most directors prefer to use only his image, but his earlier films, he has displayed so much character.

  6. I was lmao while reading this post!! :)
    I've never seen even one tamil Rajni movie, but I respect the guy.. I've only seen him in a kannada movie which I really liked.
    May his legend shine for eternity!
    I'm planning to watch 'Endhiran' even though I don't understand the language :)

  7. this was good "Eclipses are caused by #Rajnikanth's shadows #LegendsofRajni"

    ur fav one was also good n poetic..

    but whatever he is a true legend..all future generations will read about him..

  8. I am not a fan in the conventional sense. I am more like Bikram
    I think its awesome that he rose to such heights when he didn't have a home production to launch market and support him.

    And I think he is ultra cool appearing without his makeup (thats my excuse for why i don't comb my hair all the time, see even rajni allows contrast:D)

    And i liked his earlier movies. people don't realise the variety he has done. be it negative funny or family guy roles.

    My favourite part of Rajni's acting would have to be depiction of sadness and humiliation. There is a difference between drowning in self pity and dealing with it in dignity. Generally he is still and lets his eyes emote and holds himself together in "Urrukam". He doesn't go too stoic or gets too soapy. I think all of us go thru that moment sometimes in our life. And Rajni captures it beautifully. then of course he RISEs like a phoenix:)

  9. Girish thanks, and well if its shankar its bound to be a visual treat:)

    Unknown, thanks:) my 2nd favourite is salman one:D

  10. i go with my friend madhu: me 2 rajni fan..rajni rocks..

  11. OMG!! ROFL ROFL! Non-stop! Enjoyed that in Eclipse and Elements! Thalaivar na chummava!!

  12. I think he has great histrionics to his credit, and I haven't seen any of his movies. But, he seems to be a simple, down-to-earth guy.

  13. When Baba was released, I saw how common man worships him here in Chennai.

  14. Ramesh :)

    Vaish yes indeed :)

    Rachna, yes, and its not easy:)

    Samvedna and Baba was a flop! for which he returned his money:)

  15. hii

    he is worshipped like a god down south but actually he is a marathi by birth. his real name is Shivaji Rao gayekwaad. nice post.. Rajnikant has charged RS 40 crores for the upcoming movie Robot! my gawd!

  16. i think all his fans know he is marathi. i always thought the title of his earlier film Sivaji was ironic. :) (Perhaps only in Tamilnadu, Ganesan is more popular as Sivaji and Sivaji more popular as Rajni)

    hey he gets what he deserves, and i did like his gesture of returning money after Baba.

  17. We want to see the photo of celebrity wise donkey without make up. ;-)

  18. thanks,this is my site be a follower..more wedding ideas!

  19. chandrika i had a pic earlier it was without makeup but blurred for privacy.

  20. I am not a Rajni fan. I am Katrina, Priyanka, Deepika fan..

    But this post is good reading material....good job :)

  21. Witty and excellent. I admire him for his hard work and how he has rose from such a humble background.

    another thing I wonder is how people accept and cheer to whatever antics and magic he does on screen. If some other hero tries the same..they boo him. Such is the magic of Rajnikant :-)

  22. He is unique. His films are pure entertainment. You just need imagination and humility not to ask senseless question about a scene. I love this star.

  23. Is there anything, that Rajni-Can't...!? ;-)) I can't think of one... He's grrrr8, without any qualms...! :-)

  24. interesting
    please would yuo and your readers come by Lurkynat an read my blog and make some comments?

  25. WD gone on vacation???
    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi :)

    @natalie..:))) nice try

  26. unknown thank you:)
    i was spending too much time on computer, so trying to spend some time away from it:)

    and just finished Girl with dragon tatoo and probably will be back after finishing the other 2 novels in the series.

    thanks for checking in. really appreciate it:)

    sorry will be deleting natalie's comment :)

  27. I have rarely watched a rajanikant movie. But that guy really makes me think. if I follow his career graph I have to admit, that where there is will and determination there is no stopping you. That I guess is admirable in him.

  28. hey
    how is that book 'girl with dragon tatoo' i am planning to read it. is it worth reading?

  29. sujata yes:)

    AS its absolutely worth reading. i went and got the other 2 books immediately and i am not active online because i am busy with the 3rd boo.

  30. finish up with that one soon..missing ur blog posts!

  31. Hey, came here to ask where you are absconding. Saw the answer to that one :). Finish up your book and get back to blogging soon!

  32. thanks for checking, unknown and rachna, i don't think both of you realise how much it means to me:)


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