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Mar 13, 2010


All wastes are not equal. Some are more expensive than others.

Chennai Corporation spent more than Rs 24 lakh on the inauguration of two flyovers(at Cenotaph Road and Alandur Road) and a subway (on Jones Road, Saidapet) by chief minister M Karunanidhi on December 11, 2009. According to a reply to an RTI filed by V Madhav of Porur.

Rs 16.45 lakh was spent on the inauguration of the Cenotaph Road flyover while Rs 7.87 lakh was spent for the Alandur Road flyover and the Jones Road subway although no stage was put up and the CM inaugurated it sitting in his car.

“The total amount spent for the functions is almost equal to the ward development fund of a councillor, which is Rs 25 lakh a year. At a time when the government is short of funds for welfare schemes, there should not be any wasteful expenditure,’’ Madhav said.

So, what was 24 lakhs spent on? Rs 8.3 lakh on lighting, mikes and ACs at the Cenotaph Road flyover inauguration, Rs 2.5 lakh on the stage arrangements and toilet facility for Karunanidhi, Rs 1.15 lakh was spent for chairs for VIP, VVIPs and members of the public, the fabricated tent and synthetic mat. In addition, booklets supplied to VIPs, VVIPs and the public on the two flyovers cost Rs 4.3 lakh, while Rs 3.53 lakh was spent on lighting arrangements on the Alandur Road flyover, the Jones Road subway and the approach roads. All this expenditure does not include the money spent on the CM’s security and newspaper advertisements.


  1. This is atrociously wasteful spending of public funds. No wonder, we are in this mess. Why can't we kick these politicians out and dump them in the Arabian Sea?

    Long time since you posted!

  2. Helloooooo!

    Just two days back I was trying to find your twitter page.

    Here's mine if you'd be interested:

    What is most interesting about the above news is that the RTI-applicant is apparently still alive, or maybe I am too cynical or afraid or both.

    In Mumbai 23,000 men were there to protect Rahul G alone. Don't know what happened when cab drivers and railway board applicants were being beaten up.

    Interesting pics here (click)

    And, welcome back. :D Assuming you are back for "good". :) How's your son doing?

  3. rachna just the tip of the iceberg and we have to pay directly and indirectly for this waste

    ketan, i changed my twitter page name..will follow ..well yeah even i am hoping he stays alive, cant help being cynical these days..

    on 23000 men to protect rg, see all are supposed to be equal but some are more equal than others.. but 23000 even for my cynical mind seems big, any chance of a typo..

    son is doing great, will be around for another 5 months:)

  4. No, 23,000 is not a typo. It was all over the news; neither Maharashtra government nor Mumbai police denied it. Comparable number of policemen were also deployed to facilitate screening of MNIK.

    You've started following?

    Your son is so young? :O ("any chance of typo?" ;) ) I thought he must be over a year old by now. Then, I'm really, really sorry when I engaged you in all those arguments.


  5. Shit! Such an embarrassing misread. So you'll be around "here" (which I don't for sure is which place) for 5 months? Good! :) But the frequency of your blogging is not reflecting that. You've become lazy, it seems. :( Time to be more active. ;) Cheers!

  6. well what a waste of personnel - 23000

    son is 2 years,

    i will be "here" the place i blog from for 5 months then i will go on a 2 month vacation..


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