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Apr 17, 2010

Just because you bring in the money

He rang the bell at home, thinking angrily"The Marketing VP thinks Accounts people are just a bunch of lazy idiots who have nothing to do! When will She understand we are the foundation which supports the company! How can our time and work mean nothing to Her! Is it so tough to show some respect to us! Just because marketing brings in the money, shouldn't mean she can be insensitive to us... "

He rang the bell sharply for the second time as his wife opened the door. He snatched the remote, flopped on the sofa and yelled at her for making him wait at the door, when he had had, a bad day at work.."

She began "Actually.."

He screamed, "I can't believe this! You waste your time the whole day at home, and still don't get satisfied until you irritate me with your attitude and housekeeping excuses.."


  1. Such a wonderfully true story. How one expects respect from others but is unable to show the same to those close to him. Or, is it the case of taking out the anger meant for one lady on another?

  2. So precise!

    Those frustrated at home, take it out in the office. Those frustrated at office, take it out in the home.

    Those frustrated in real life, take it out over the internet. Our lives would be completely digitized, when reverse would also start holding true. Or has it already started? :)

  3. excellent post..wondering stories cld be so short also :)
    The reason behind such behavior is ...We all are selfish and we think only from our point of view

  4. rachna, i don't think its lady vs lady..they were provided more for balance:)

    ketan i think it has started, after all, don't many bloom after an encouraging comment:D suprised you missed the point, rewrote it..

    unknown was trying to make it shorter..

    well , i frequently come across the admin vs marketing arguments from many, and drove an analogy

  5. Hope, my comment made you give a chocolate to your son. :D

  6. Nice blog template, BTW, but looks too elegant for the title of your blog! :P

  7. ketan sorry i forgot..why chocolate?? (i give dark chocolate only anyway..)

    hmmm maybe its too elegant, haven't finished working on it.


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