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Apr 19, 2010

The other IPL

We need our ministers, in state and centre to focus on the other unglamourous IPL, Indian Poverty Line. They should be banned from holding posts in BCCI. BCCI should be run by professionals, not politicians. Not just to root out corruption, but to atleast to increase ministers concentration and focus. After a disastrous World Cup, didn't BCCI restrict the number of advertisements, a player can appear in? If BCCI can demand this from the players, why shouldn't we demand it from our politicians.


  1. Excellent, I just liked it.

    Jus another Donkey thought [with all the copyright privileges to you ;)]

    Hope u know about the 'aid' Dalai Lama are getting from India since ages and even today they r not Indian citizens, so now law for them :)

  2. tarun thanks:)
    i think we would have spent more on redecorating minister's bungalows than on refugees.

  3. During my last visit to Dharamshala, I saw truck of 'India's Aid to Tibet' going towards McLeodganj and I also saw Indian people fighting for water.
    When I reached McLeodganj, I saw almost all the Tibetans conversing in English, wearing branded clothes and colored hair.
    Things are so strange

  4. WDM,

    Simple reason none of our voices are going to be heard: those who make rules & monitor them benefit from the status quo.


    What you say is quite true, & I've also started realizing more & more how history has been manipulated, and common people have been fed with lies.

    If you will read about 1962's Indo-China war on Wikipedia, you'll realize it was India's provocation. Also, China's behavior had been more decent than India's! Don't get angry with me for saying these things, but I had found it somewhat hard to believe myself.

    Also, China indeed has a somewhat legitimate case in demanding parts of Aksai Chin & Arunachal Pradesh as both the places' boundaries were drawn by Britishers (who were not ruling China; China had never been ruled by any other country) & Chinese had never accepted those demarcations. Culturally people over there seem to be more similar to Chinese than Indians. Obviously, they must be sympathetic towards them.

    Beyond a certain limit, supporting Tibetan rebels amounts to interference with China's internal policies.

    I have become very skeptical of famous people & awards like Nobel Peace Prize after Obama won it. More often than not, it's awarded to whosoever serves western interests - Dalai Lama & Other Teresa, for instance. Following is from the Wikipedia article on a book about Mother Teresa, written by Christopher Hitchens ('The Missionary Position'):

    He argues that Teresa's own words on poverty proved that her intention was not to help people, citing a 1981 press conference in which she was asked: "Do you teach the poor to endure their lot?" She replied: "I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people."

  5. tarun i can't comment on what i don't know. but i was disgusted when i read recently 1.7 crore was spent on a cm's bathroom or bedroom or whatever..and that just felt like the tip of the iceberg..

    ketan, i think its disgusting that sharad pawar has to spend his time on modi-taroor instead of his ministry.

    on china, i did write a post on points of view, PoK arunachal, but i don't think you commented..patriotism shouldn't mean blindly supporting the nation and being unwilling to listen to anything unpleasant about it. but certain topics are still holy cows in India. History after all is written by historians, who many times are not above political affliations.

    on Mother Teresa, i disagree with her views, especially on contraceptives, but won't ignore her good deeds either. I visited an orphange run by her organisation, and well, you know my stance on orphans, if not for the organisation, perhaps they would have had to face harsher situations, and while its easier for me to comment, in the comforts of my home, every life improved is big thing, for the one improved. Mother Teresa is definitely better than many of our politicians who betray our trust and waste and loot our money.

    on Nobels, why should we take it seriously anyway..

  6. YEah true.. The ministers need to be questioned as they Were here in UK. and most had to leave , declare there assets..

    In india this I doubt will ever happen.. But no harm in asking .. and prey it is answered ..

  7. Absolutely true. I studied in a Private School in Dharamshala and had two walk 5 grand kilometers to reach my school and come back. These Tibetans have inbuilt campuses where they do not study and screw girls.
    I could reach the school after walking 5 KM, some people used to walk 10-15-endless Kilometers. True patriotism will be helping the needy people of country first and then helping these cowards who march/protest in D/shala/Delhi by blocking roads and troubling people/

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  9. During my Sikkim visit, I got to know from natives of Sikkim that Tibetans were admitted to India because they had truckloads of gold with them as they knew Alchemy.
    I do not know whether it is true or not but I do not see any better reason for Nehru to take such a great risk to invite trouble from China.
    After all, Gold is a noble metal ;)

  10. really! the chinese would let them out with truckloads of gold??


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