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Apr 19, 2010

Tweets and Thoughts of a TweeTwin Addict

Tweetaroor has resigned. Why didn't he tweet his resignation??

Tweetodi will Sue papers, why isn't Sue suing anyone?

Sue to appear in Ekta's Kwitter nahi - Kahani ek Khel Ki! Did Ekta tweet it?

Sue to appear in a different reaility show. Big Boss???

Nationalise IPL! Lalooji, will you nationalise Twitter also?

Will govt appoint a commission on Modi and IPL? What a waste of money, a vague report after 40 years!

TweeT20 could be Tweetodi's New Big IDEA. That will be the Original Oongli Cricket.

Will he allow his TweeTwin to plan or will it be like ICL-IPL?

Did the IT and ED and Media wake up to IPL only after the Tweetussle? Wow thats "an Tweet-Effect"


  1. Tweetaroor will be very careful about what he tweets from now on. I wish he were as careful in conducting his financial dealings too.

  2. I can see, in guise of a blog post, basically you've chain-tweeted. But absolutely loved it. :D You're better than Bachi Karkaria. Really!

  3. rachna yes definitely:D

    ketan i tweeted because i wanted to check the character count. the post heading, said tweet so i tweeted for a realistic touch:D

  4. chandrika thanks:) my fav was oongli cricket one:)

  5. I enjoyed reading them thoroughly!! I agree with Ketan. Bachi Karkaria was the name on my mind while reading it!! Glad I chose to start my day by reading your post. Made my day :-)

  6. insignia !!! i rather be just me..that way i won't hesitate to post whatever i want, instead of wondering, is this post smart:)

    really glad you liked it though, since i enjoyed writing it:)


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