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May 5, 2010

Wedding Jewellery

She agreed to the wedding, after falling in love with the wedding jewellery.
He agreed to the marry her, after knowing the worth of the wedding jewellery.

Wedding might be a grand party, but Marriage requires love and commitment from both parties. Give it some respect.


  1. I saw this Tanishq ad, where the mother coaxes a daughter into marrying by falling in love with the wedding jewellery. Quite shallow yet hilarious :)

  2. Nice way to get married :) and Very good reason toooo

  3. Rachna, well i thought it was cliched but inspiring:D

    Bikram well how long will it last...:)

  4. Itna kharcha karna padega! :(

    Now, I'm not meaning to be sexist. I don't like/use jewellery, if one discounts a wrist watch I use that was bought ten years back, and had then cost Rs. 535/-. So obviously if wedding jewellery would have to be bought it would be for my bride.

    I'll make sure I fall in love & marry someone allergic to jewellery. If you come across someone (highly preferably, female of human species) fitting the *bill* do let me know. Maybe, I'll become grateful to you & gift you some jewellery in return! ;)

    And what have you done to your blog? Each time I visit, I have log in to my twitter account. It's a huge disincentive for commenting. :(

  5. there is a difference between just jewellery and gold jewellery..there are many out there who are allergic to gold jewellery (incl me) but unfortunately none of them are eligible..but will pray u find one:)

    changed the twitter thing (had included code directly from twitter so the prob)..

    on the post, there is a difference between loving jewellery and getting married for the sake of wearing jewellery (tanishq ad)

  6. I was discussing about that advertisement just today with a friend of mine. Have these people just lost their creative juices!!! How pathetic.

    Getting married just for the sake of loving jewelery - stupid. There's one more ad where the man likes the woman after seeing her in a wedding attire or jewelery I dont recall. STUPID to the core.

  7. Insignia, the unfortunate part, they are getting away with it..a modern woman, entering into a relationship for wearing jewels for ONE jewellery can't be worn after marriage, or it can't be worn without marriage??
    thankfully i missed the guy ad..

  8. Nice Observation..Thou it just an add !

    Keep bloggin!!

    Kartik JK

  9. The jewellery just got her tempted to marry - didnt choose the groom for her... I thought the ad was brilliant - very hilarious and communicates its idea effectively... Finally, ads need not reflect reality but need to just communicate its idea to its targeted segment well!

  10. shreyans, well it just sterotyped women and makes them seem stupid..
    a life decision, for the sake of one day party??
    ads need not reflect reality..but by associating wedding with gold for the bride, with these gold prices, its not helping the middleclass brides..

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