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May 6, 2010

Beaten by Bangladesh

"The figures show India topping the global list for child mortality under five years. Nearly 20 lakh children die every year, 50 per cent of them in their first month. Most of the deaths are preventable. The report, titled ‘Women on the Front Lines of Health Care: State of the World’s Mothers’, identifies countries that have invested heavily in training and deploying more female health workers to deliver care to the poorest mothers and babies.... India’s neighbour Bangladesh has been doing this effectively. There, female community health workers with just six weeks of training are estimated to have contributed to newborn mortality reduction of 34 per cent and deaths under the age of five by 64 per cent".

Since this is not about cricket we need not care.



  2. bikram..there are many things mahan about bharat..except the vision and perspective of the middle class

  3. Excellent!! I loved the sarcasm. Why would we!! Why SHOULD we!! Pathetic attitude

  4. insignia, if it had been a cricket match, there would have been so much talk about matchfixing , player inefficiency etc..
    our cricketers have to be more accountable than elected representatives..

  5. Pretty pathetic! I had read about this report. Shows the priorities are all misplaced for the government.


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