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May 15, 2010

Killing Casteism

He came home to find his mother mentioning their caste to a stranger filling a form.
"Ma! I told you to tell we are Indians!" he screamed.
His mother clarified, "But this is for your matrimonial ad not the census."

"But Shaadi before Naukri?" he asked.
His mother took him aside and said smugly, "Your uncle has arranged it. He knows the Sales VP of the company, you wanted to work in. He is from our community. And the VP has said, if its a good boy, we will adjust the criteria.."

They were interrupted with the question "Madam, should I mention "sub-sect no bar?"". The mother and son looked at one another, then he replied "Why waste money over it. Don't mention it".


  1. Ultra-LOL! Quite progressive, indeed! ;)

  2. Hahahahaha..What a kick in these few lines :-)

  3. Wonderful, indeed :). And, I thought it was for the UID census that the caste information was being taken after reading the first line.

  4. nice one :)
    uve got a pleasant blog

  5. readers dais, thank you so much:)

  6. Good brought out the fact that somewhere somehow we are not able to avoid this "caste" menace in most cases. It is vital in educational market, job market and as you mentioned even in marriage market!!

  7. Well nice one .. but will know when the matrimonial finalises he hehe he :) does sub sect matter or not .. make sure you let us know :)

  8. anto thanks:)

    bikram since the population of boys is less than that of girls, probably subsect will not matter:)


  9. Vicious is the right word! Hard-hitting is another!

  10. very subtle and so effective..


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