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Jan 17, 2010

Celebrating Rain Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images

Her boyfriend opened the door with a big grin. "My Rain poem won the Prize!"
She squealed with delight and hugged..

Later she said "ummmm can you smell it? The scent of first rain..Lets get drenched and celebrate.."

He rushed to close the windows and said, "Don't be idiotic. The best way to celebrate rain is to have hot tea and samosas."


  1. Naah:) the best way to celebrate is to get drenched,play in the rain,scream and jump in joy and just feel the rain drops on your face:) I did it and it is an amazing exp:)

  2. The best way is to go out .. smell the earth when the firt few drops of rain fall.. hmmmm and then feel the droplets on ur face ..
    Get completely drenched and then walk to a Chai wala under a tree and SIP the tea ...

    NOW thats how rain is celbrated .. and offcourse making paper boats and let them wade ...

  3. ummmm paper boats..
    even if i don't make them, getting drenched and splashing is the best.but preferably in a terrace. i am quite tired of the walking in knee deep water part (esply in mumbai:D)..

    nothing can beat the scent of the first rain..

  4. Yep, the sondhi khushbu of mitti is amazing. Feeling the raindrops on your face and letting go is an amazing experience and of course, adrak chai with pakoras, deadly combination!

  5. I liked the name of ur blog. Interesting! :)
    Story was short and sweet. :)

  6. First rain!! Wow...I just love the aroma of the wet earth...the first they drop..the dust that rises....and a hot cup of coffee....
    Hmmmmm.........oh my!! Amazing

  7. Maybe, what we can truly best feel, we find unnecessary to express, or are afraid our expression can never do justice to it. :)

    And many times, what we best express is the only means to feel it, 'cuz we never could feel the intensity we expect out of the experience! :D

    Nice irony!


  8. 1) Get out in your undees
    2) Feel the pebbles under your feet
    3) Smell the earth
    4) Lather up yourself with a soap bar
    5) Wash up
    6) Towel yourself dry
    7) Ask ma for hot tea
    8) Enjoy the hot tea wearing warm clothes

  9. hii

    wowowow! whatta nice pic it is .. :D

    samosa is an Indian weakness ;)

  10. I agree best way to celebrate is to get wet in the rain and come back to have a hot coffee and some pakodas :D

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  11. chandrika thanks:)

    Insignia, coffee vs tea?

    scarlet pimpernel , soap??

    as thanks , googled it:)

    tavish yeah:)

  12. ketan that was a wonderful poetic summation of what I wanted to convey..

  13. Hey,
    Your stories are truly amazing. Created from very simple concepts.

    Btw, my idea of celebrating rain is to lie under the blanket and have peanuts. :)

  14. Nothing can beat the joy of getting drenched in the rain.

  15. What a nice story. But I can't imagine her disappoint after his answer. Whatever. Nice blog. and what a nice picture. Live rain. i felt like I am drenching. :-)

  16. waiting for next monsoon ? :P

  17. shreyas:)

    Vega yeah:0

    shas yes:)

    tanushree waah what an idea:D

    stupidosaur well thats better than the blue moon :) (was just lazy after trip)


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