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Aug 27, 2007

These Superstitious Lazy People

She started to wash the vessels, after dinner. He was torn between the TV and her. He increased the TV volume, went into the kitchen and stood near her, as a show of support. "What happened to the maid?" he grumbled.

She sighed, "She wanted to visit some Godman and so, she won't be coming tommorrow. And I won't have time in the morning..."

He snorted "Why do you employ these kind of people?"

She shrugged and said "Well, she is fine otherwise .."

He growled "These Superstitious Lazy People! They want to believe all their problems can be solved without hard work! Illiterate and stupid ..."

The news anchor on TV mentioned the next news, would be about a starlet's sensational problem. "Well if you can manage here, I will go and wear that belt and watch news."

"Belt?" she queried.

"Yeah, today morning, the Tarot card reader on the news channel said, I would be successful if I started something new today. So I purchased the belt advertised on TV. You know, no exercise and no diet, yet fantastic weight loss.."


  1. The previous story was nice.This seems to me as more like a cliche.

  2. deeps :)


    subbu, thanks for the feedback, but i was just too irritated with teleshopping and tarot card readers on channels, and had to come out with this post:)


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