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Aug 7, 2007

Silliest Yet Best

The silliest yet best invention in my life at the moment - The Mute Button on the Remote Control.

1.I dont have to listen to the ads. (The Best invention would be the remote which recognises the ads and surfs automatically for a channel without ads and with sensible content. Heard they have already made the remote but are unable to test it due to lack of a channel, it can switch to.)

2.I dont have to listen to film stars saying the latest movie is equal to Hollywood standards, blah, blah, blah

3.I dont have to listen to the news and then wonder, why I hear about the floods in Bihar from BBC and not the Indian Channels.

4.M factor - I dont have to listen regarding Monica Bedi,Munnabhai,Mahesh Bhatt, Movie song cricketers celebrated their victory with etc.

5.Ex-cricketers criticising current cricketers for anything and everything.

So whats the Silliest yet Best Invention in your life.


  1. oh no argument.... the BED.. yupp th thing we sleep on.. :)

  2. yeah one third of life on it:D


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