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Aug 8, 2007

Hindus will Hang

Hindus will hang - their heads in shame,
if Criminals justify Crime, in Hinduism's name
Irrespective of religion let justice be the same
If we dont stand up, we are also to be blamed.


  1. yuppp... the problem of secularism is that others cannot criticise your religion. so then, it is upto us to stand up when our religios leaders go off the mark..
    Instead most of us get incited and stand up 'in the name of God'.. scarcely realising that the leaders never really care for religion, they just care about the power they have, and how to protect it... I mean, it all inevitably boils down to that.
    thanks for saying what you did. we need more discerning individuals.. even i do...

  2. standbymind thanks:) wish the reality was also beautiful:)

    ab well said:) its just plain politics:)


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