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Jan 17, 2007

Precious Boy - II

There are many men, who cause despair
But there are still men, who to be different, dare.

Many men and women, might find him abnormal,
Because he thinks women too are human and normal.

He can emphatise with sufferings,
Even if its, by a woman.
Though the culture around him, says he is superior,
He still thinks ,culture is just a circumstance, and none are inferior.

He is not a superhero or a filmi hero,
But the next door, unappreciated hero.

Who doesn't think, its none of my business
When a woman is in trouble and needs help.
Who gives her voice, even when its not his wife,
or any other woman, in his life.

There may not be a woman,who hasn't been groped
But that doesn't mean, all men have groped.

For him, its not so tough to emphatise with her plight
Its just as simple as being in a bathroom, without a lock.
Constantly feeling insecure over the insecure door,
realising, anytime,anyone would open the door.
The quest for freedom, privacy and space,
Which isn't being the right, of half the human race.

Is it such an impossible wish?
Do such men exist in real life,
Can men and women live without strife?
Does Every man think, he can treat any woman as his wife?

While I despair over the, "Gropeway of India" on New Year 2007,
I still respect and remember a Hero who gave up his life,
To prevent an unknown woman, from being molested on New Year 2003.
Bapi Sen, to this world and to me, you will always be a Precious Boy .

You sent out the message loud and clear.
Being a man doesnt stop you from being a human.

It won't be my dead son, but you,
If God gave me the choice of bringing back a life,
Not because I love my son less or think he isn't precious,
But because you gave up your life, to improve for few minutes, a stranger's life.


  1. Nice writing Wise D.
    No its nothing do with superhero or anything, its just abt doing the right thing.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Bapi Sen lives!

  3. If God gave me the choice of bringing back a life,
    It wont be my dead son, but you,
    Not because I love my son less or think he isnt precious,
    But because you gave up your life, to improve for few minutes a stranger's life.

    I hafta say this...I loved these lines...they are just awesome :)

    Nice one here...

  4. case of a boy next door being a super hero for some lady

  5. Thanks Wise Donkey
    for the poem as well reminding us of Bapi Sen

    p.s mind if i blog roll you?

  6. navin thanks but when we think its a big deal when men dont molest, i think its a bigger deal to take action against it for a stranger

    lp:) there are some i will never forget, bapi sen is one of those:)

    shrawan thanks:)

    arz000n well its true:)

    whiskeypriest yes:)

    aluchaat nice name:D
    blogrolling? that would be lovely:)

  7. Hi WD, hru doing? Remember me? Coming here after a long time...nice to see you still going good :) Keep it up!

  8. another awesome post .... can never return frm ur blog without contemplation...kalpesh

  9. Hi colors of course i remember you:)

    thanks kalpesh:)

  10. //It won't be my dead son, but you,

    You had a son who is dead ? :(

  11. stupidosaur, life isn't wonderful always..
    it was not easy to write the line, but it stands for what i believe..
    when i wrote it, i didn't have any child, now I am blessed with one.

  12. Ah I guess it wasn't that difficult to write that line out of 'what you believe' feeling. It was very difficult and disturbing to believe that you wrote that line 'out of what happened' in case that is what had happened.

    Wish you happiness!

  13. i did have a son who was dead (who couldnt recover after a heart surgery)(life isnt wonderful always) i went through hell during that phase..
    but..i think bapi is something different..
    in the desert of distress his example is like a tiny starlight which gives you hope and tells you there is humanity out there, just keep going on..

    PS : i didnt understand your last comment..just wanted to clarify i wasn't being hypothetical..

  14. ok stupidosaur i finally understood your comment and context..
    it happened. the lines didnt come out of just what i believe, but reality.

  15. oh :(
    Really sorry I brought it up.

  16. I read about Bapi Sen before though I dont remember where, maybe at Annie Zaidi's.


  17. i don't know why, but he is very important to me. someday somehow i will definitely do something for his family.
    i just hate it that his family has to suffer without him. financially and emotionally.


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