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Feb 3, 2007

Aargh Diaries - Color and Water

Mr.C is upset that Water has been shortlisted for the Oscar and not Rang de Basanti. He is upset that a film which talked about people like Bhagat Singh has been upset by a film that potrays the situation of women in India in the 1940s, in a bad light.

Stupid of me perhaps but I tried to reason with Mr.C."Mr.C, even today, a woman who has lost her husband isnt treated like a man who has lost his wife, so the film isnt unrealistic.

Water had characters, all Rang de Basanti had was heros killing politicians and then saying in the climax, "Sorry". It had no practical solution like participation in politics as in Yuva or even a dialogue like "You have to be in the system to change system",as in Page 3".

Its not fair to ignore the role of almost 50% of our population. While in Water there were good and bad men and good and bad women, in Rang De, women were simply passive.."

An outraged Mr.C replied "But what will the world think about us?"

"Hmmm, why should we worry about what the world thinks, about the widows in India, when we dont think about them. Why should we worry about Rang de Basanti not getting an Oscar, when we prefer to only moan and not do anything, about corruption or dirty politics?Instead of caring about Rang de Basanti not getting an Oscar,Why not care about Widows in India, not having Color in their life?"

Angrily Mr.C said loudly "You are so unpatriotic" and stormed off..And now others are looking at me suspiciously wondering if I am a terrorist.

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