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Feb 3, 2007

Aargh Diaries - Gadgets and Chores

Yesterday received an email : "My wife thinks, gadgets are not enough, and I need to put it in more at home. Please dont tell me she is right, just let me know if you can think of any excuse I can give."

I replied"The best excuse/reply an Indian husband can give is "My mother and my grandmother didnt have what you have and yet managed.." Your wife would want to seem better than them and would be more err..self reliant."

Later I sent 27 smses asking him, if he had succeeded and got no response.

Now I have received an email from his office."Thanks to your brilliant idea, I am now without my, mobile, laptop, ipod, and car, since my father and grandfather, didnt have them and still managed to live"

Hmpf I dont know why he is complaining, after all its easier to live without these gadgets than to help with the chores everyday..

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  1. Dear WD,
    one of my posts is for you...

  2. MAXIMUS is BACK :)2/04/2007 09:03:00 AM

    LOL ..nice 1 wd...
    all these gadgets have become an unneeded necessity. I hate my mobile phone and the fact that I have 2 carry it 18/7 like its a part of my body..but then, we cant argue bout its use.

  3. donks,
    nice series thru them.. late-a vandhalum..latest-a..ok no punch dialogues to cover up my lack of presence here

  4. last punchline is true many times - the gadgets make you powerless sometimes. there have been times when there is either a power failure of pc crash and some important dox need to delivered to the boss. wished that i could simply hand write or type at those times.

  5. shrawan will check it out:)

    maximus well gadgets have their uses, but just because one has gadgets doesnt mean, one cant have probs

    bard:) nice to see you are back

    whiskeypriest yeah.

    anyway the point of the post was another post and the comments which implied, today's women are better off.
    they might be better off compared to women before them, but certainly not better off than the men they live with ..

  6. Either gadgets get you or you get them; no choice there..

  7. Good one :-D. Now I know what to do if my hubby ever says such a thing to me (the sweet guy never said it till now :-D) :)).

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  9. hello gaya
    longgggggggggggggg time no see ?? E'thing is fine at ur end ?

    Dropped in to wish you Happy Women's Day !!

    take care
    missing ur posts :-)

  10. lp yeah:)

    @--will check it out but having probs accessing blogs, out of station and will be back only on 1st april.

    saaya will be back after couple of weeks,thank you soooo much and wishing you belated Women's day

  11. Funny :-)

    If your advice to people leads to similar consequences, maybe I should come by more often and laugh at their plight :-)

  12. Gaya
    hope u are doing good !!
    will wait ...

  13. ghost of tomjoad:)
    saaya thanks:) doing well, just came back couple of days ago:)


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