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Jan 10, 2007

Precious Boy

He walks around with his head in the air
And hands in search of flesh to fondle

The women might find him sick yet normal
But there is still a woman who finds him precious.

He is the reward for her sufferings
He will fetch a fair price in the marriage market
To sleep with him, and look after him, a woman would pay
So why bother respecting, women, anyway.

And she needs him emotionally and financially
So why tell or think he can be wrong

Lets find an excuse, to justify his acts.
Even if its a misplaced dupatta,
lets not ask if he would have groped his mom,
if she had a dupatta missing.

Can someone please find a woman who has not been groped.
Can someone please find a woman who has always felt safe.

Is it so tough to emphatise with her plight?
Its just as simple as being in a bathroom,
without a lock, constantly feeling insecure over the insecure door
realising, anytime,anyone would open the door
Little bit of space, little bit of privacy, hey in this wide wonderful world
Is it really a lot to ask?
But why ask for the men to emphatise, when dear mothers forget.

Lets tell these mothers, that being a mother
doesnt mean you should stop being a woman and human.
Let every harrassed woman take a vow
They wouldnt let their children stoop so low.

Atleast lets not allow the victims of injustice
To be the carriers of injustice.


  1. That was REALLY Good!!!

    We can only dream of a safer world to live in ...

  2. women are womens worst enemies

  3. Really really nice poem.. I personally liked it...and to the point as well!

  4. loon gal:)

    whiskey priest, well not all women, just some women:) but i dont blame the women, they are just takin care of their interests first,when they dont have the access to resources, they have to align with those who have the resources..

    vaibhav thanks, it was prompted after writing a comment on the topic. my favourite line is on the bathroom door.
    honestly its just a similar feeling when i am in a crowd or on the streets, a tension of uh oh, anything unpleasant could happen anytime and spoil it all for me..:)

  5. excellent is the responsibility of parents to give proper teachings to their kids..because kids are the future..

  6. Thanks for sharing with us the wonderful poem. Basically it is the reality.


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