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Jan 10, 2007

A new low with High

Yesterday I was preparing an investment matrix and had to match the Instruments with the Investment goals. I had analysed all the instruments for investing and written the 10 Investment goals one could have. And now it was a simple job of writing, High Medium and Low, on the matrix.

Half way I stare and pause at the word, High. High is a word? Did I mean to write Height. Is it a spelling mistake? Wont I appear a fool if I wrote all the wise things about financial planning and came with a nonsense word?

Does the Word "High" exist, I ask myself. And realise I just dont know. Its not frustrating or irritating. Just a dull feeling of acceptance. I cant remember and its probably a word which doesnt exist. Next time I would try to google or use the spell check. But its hard many times to question what I accept.

Its tough enough when the dreams are crystal clear and the memories vague, spending 10 minutes every morning, wondering what I had dreamt, and to correct my memory. To put it simply, if I wanted to make a phone call, I would probably dream about it, and the next day, continue to believe I had made that phone call:D, unless I remember, that it was a Dream.
How important is memory? Is Life better as a moment, or a memory?

Perhaps I would enjoy life more, if its just a moment.
But I still prefer the memories, for reasons I dont remember at the moment :)

Forgetting High might be a new low for me,

But when the potential in everyone is infiniteI still believe,
I can reach for the sky
Inspite of the lows, can reach new highs.


  1. moments and memory are both important ... moments to enjoy .. and memory to cherish those enjoyed moments and well the not-so-good moments too

  2. I had read somewhere long back that memories of dreams are stored with/without a special chemical not found/found associated with real memories. If differentiating is difficult, there is surely some dimag mein chemical locha ;)

  3. one has more than 1 dream so its tough to remember them all and "file them away as just dreams". the prob with my dreams is most of the reality is like watching something on a 14inch tv while the dream is like watchin a 3d movie with touch effects..its just more closer, in higher definition and seems more real..and stirs up the emotions (brain chemicals more easily)..brain chemical balance problem probably as u say..the subconscious unpredicatability scares me b4 sleep..but on the plus side i have watched some good movies while sleeping..

    on the memory front, while its tough i don't want to be pitied, since i found out ,i remember things, people dont, since i memorise things differently..(real life hare and tortoise)..

    thanks on the chemical dream info, will find out more about it..


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