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Dec 31, 2007

New Year Threat

Statistics reveal that everyday over 200 people are killed in India due to drunken driving.

Perhaps not alarming like terrorism, but for the victims, it doesnt make a difference if the death had been due to an act of terror or stupid choice of driving by a drunken driver.

Let no one make that stupid choice on this New Year's Eve or ever.

Happy New Year to all Bloggers


  1. Happy New year to you too Gaya.

  2. Thanks and wish you the same:)

  3. hey WD...a very happy new year to you.. :)

  4. Hey hows you? No updates for a long time. Hope you and the little one are doing alright..

  5. hollllaaa..... long time.....
    must i be saying happy new year now? or just wait for the rest of the year? :DDD

    but, you really mean 200 ppl every day? i think thats really too much....

  6. @$#!$# thanks:)

    deeps emailed u, its just hectic thats all:)

    ab yeah its 200 everyday, busy with 5 month year old siddhanth:)

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