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Nov 29, 2007

Nudity vs Humanity

"It was one Bhagiram Barman, a local shopkeeper, who not only helped her with his own shirt after she ran for about half-a-kilometre but also handed her over to the police. By then, Chameli had been trapped in several cameras and numerous cellphones — and then on national TV. "

Half a km, to get a shirt? Whats more important, capturing nudity or showing humanity. When the police dont bother to do their duty, when citizens prefer to click use their cellphone or simply stare, perhaps its too much to expect journalists to show humanity.

After all, their job is to report the incident not prevent the incident. But would we expect the journalists to be professional, if it had been our sister or daughter or their sister or daughter?

When we are not against a crime, aren't we part of the crime?

Can't there be reporting without the camera. True, images have an impact, but if there is a gangrape during a riot, would it be ok to have live coverage and meaningless remarks about it being a shame, (if it involves a political party we dont support.)

I dont need to see nudity, even if censored, to express my outrage. I need to know how the victim is coping  and if the guilty have been punished.


  1. Media simply loves these kind of news for these give it a chance to attract the non-serious readers....
    Whats really saddening is that public outrage to this has been virtually negligible.A few letters to Editor,a few complaints & thats all.we have done enough...
    When shall we truly behave like humans?
    I subscribe to quite a few newspapers & i must say save The Hindu all others are in the same league.The Telegraph even carried a front page picture of the victim.
    I like your style of writing.Keep Blogging....

  2. well, actually even i was thinking the same thing.... and we've had enough and more of the cribbing on the same, without any tangible effect....

    i only pray that when i do become a journalist, I will not fall prey to th rewards of being sensational... i still feel that good journalism will win, but well, sometimes i dont even trust myself these days.. but im sure i will feel mighty ashamed if i do not stand up in the face of such a challenge!

  3. kiran, guess ur right...:(

    ab, unfortunately its not just upto the journalists individually but the media system..yet i think some journos could have done more than just chase and click..


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