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Nov 17, 2007

Thankfully Just Two Shoes

Thankfully, I need just two shoes.

Do I need more than 2 shoes? I dont think so. Do I need two? Why not just one?
Er..Well there is something called vanity and something called comfort and since these two dont meet, I have two pairs. A Black Heel, and a comfortable uncool, skolls. So whats the big deal having Just Two? Well there are some advantages..

1. I dont spend much time wondering what I ought to wear. Lets assume I had 6 pairs, and I went out everyday and I spend 15 seconds everyday thinking, what I should wear. That would be 91.25 minutes every year, and if I live for around 30 more years..thats 2737.5 minutes i.e 45 hours i.e almost 2 days!.

2.And now to the time I could spend shopping for shoes. If its around 3 hours for one shoe and I buy perhaps 3 shoes a year, than in the next 30 years its approximately 270 hours and almost 11.25 days, phew !

3.And lets not forget the time I might spend,
i.  Checking and wondering, if my shoes look good and
ii. If it looks better than that of the person next to me
iii.And since most of them wont be comfortable, massaging my foot at night,
iv.Searching for them
v. Finding storage space for them (Not everyone has space, ask any Mumbaikar)
vi.Wondering which one I should take, if I go on a trip
I would end up spending a lot of time, over it.

4. And I dont have to buy a dress or a handbag to go with a new gorgeous pair of shoes.

5.I can break into a run, almost any time. (Since I will be wearing my comfortable one most of the time). And one never knows when one has to run, a fire, a rescue, a thief snatching a purse, to catch a bus which never stops where it should..or to escape a dog, even though its dumb to run from a dog.

Some might find happiness in having a shoe in every color and style, but for me, more the shoes, more would be the worries from them. And rather than feel good, when I look in the mirror or when I get a compliment, I choose to feel free, from worries and feel good about freedom.

After all, I may not be able to increase the length of my life, but why should I spend couple of days of my life, just on shoes...

So next time, you are tempted to buy shoes you dont need, think how easier life would be, if you were in my shoes:)


  1. he i wish the same would apply to clothes..i spend at least ten mins every morning tryin to figure out which pair of jeans is the cleaner one to wear for office :)

    oh, and i've moved my site to, so do update the link in your blog and visit me at my new home :)

  2. hmmm..... well, if its jus 2 days of a whole life, then i wouldn actually mind wasting th time... after all, wat about th days spent doing nothing at all...
    and ashish, which office lets you wear jeans? do you work at AOL?

  3. Life would certainly be easier in your shoes :-D. Meanwhile hadn't seen a post from you for a month or so, hope you are doing good :).

  4. @$#!$# have updated blogroll but due to health reasons not blogging much (9th month) spending so much time over jeans..:D

    ab, well each one their priorities:)

    deeps yes:)


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