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Oct 8, 2007

Marks not Manners

His parents hugged him and praised him. He gave them a smug smile. He would get a treat for his marks, tonight.

His mother hesitantly mentioned, their neighbour had made a complaint against him. The neighbour claimed, he had bullied their daughter.

"They are liars", he shrugged.

His father became irritated with his mother. He scolded her, for spoiling their son's mood. They were probably jealous over their son's performance, he said.
His mother looked at them, doubtfully. After all, this was not the first complaint against him.

He smiled at his mother and hugged her. She sighed. He was Her son. Surely, he wouldn't do anything wrong. How could a smart, brilliant child, be mean. She apologised and hugged him again.

He smirked, now the treat would be bigger.

His teachers and parents were proud and cared about his performance. He felt, he was entitled to his sadistic pleasures.

Reading :
Bhopal: Ragging turns into nightmare
'They would make us strip and dance and then would beat us up

Killer kids
The number of violent cases among teenagers that are referred to us has grown by three times since 2001," says Dr Rajat Mitra, clinical psychiatrist and director, Swanchetan, an NGO which provides psychological counselling to children affected by violence, trauma and abuse.

Big impact flipped Pluto on its side
Melosh had said this mechanism might have also caused Earth's Moon — which boasts the biggest impact crater in the solar system — to roll over so that the crater moved from the equator to the South Pole.

Motivation affects honesty detection
the more motivated a person is, the more likely he or she is to make mistakes

Mother's milk is first right of newborn, says Govt
Only 23 percent of the infants born in India are introduced to breast milk in the first hour of their birth and only 46 per cent in the first six months

Explosive theft: Everyone admits problem, no work on solution
"There has been a recurrence of incidents in which explosives are getting diverted from the manufacturing factories for unauthorised usage within India and getting lost en route, indicating that there is a review of the entire procedure of issue of licenses and also monitoring of firms dealing with explosives."

Stolen, no trace: Tonnes and tonnes of explosives
in just two years, 2004-2006, for which data collection is complete, the scale of theft is staggering: 86,899 detonators, 20,150 kg of slurry explosives, 52,740 metres of detonating fuse and 419 kg of gelatin sticks. 
 'Taliban' writ in Haryana village
The women folk aren't allowed to come out of their house. Many haven't travelled more than 25 km ever in their lives."



  1. the Dhoni kiss this was, to say the least funny!

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  4. after a very longgggggg time....

    really thought provoking and a kind of saddening reality..... i wud love to give the right kind of treatment to the sadistic ppl

    Hope for the better and for the good :)

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    deeps thanks a ton:)

    kiran i will after few months, since its hectic personally at the moment:)

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