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Oct 7, 2007

Forced Kiss is Fun

I dont know the literal meaning of "Ched Chaad", a theme in this week's Nach Baliye 3, (The mid-day says its mischief between couples). But its disgusting to think, its just fun and mischief to hit ball against girl's back (Pooja-Hanif). And ,eve teasing and molestation are not topics of fun and dance (Karan-Kavita), even if the victim is Rakhie Sawant. Its not easy to report molestation. But to add insult to the injury, one is supposed to grin when someone makes fun about it? Would the compere or the audience ask their sister to laugh at it, if they had been the victim? And leave alone outrage, we dont get even a murmur against it from the judges. Thankfully, I have a remote and continued to surf.

When mobs dont care about killing, perhaps, its silly to wonder why, ragging, eve-teasing or molestation, doesnt seem outrageous to all. And perhaps its sillier to brood, over the attitude that its ok to molest men. Many months back the media reported with a touch of amusement on a fan kissing, Dhoni.

So there we have it the rules of Kissing :
Kissing is fun and fine, even if forced, on some women and most men.
But kissing is not fun, if its between consenting adults in public, and definitely not fun, if the man happens to be a foreigner.


  1. Yeah,even i felt it was terrible and there was a news channel airing a half an hour program about this and i hear Kavita saying "At the end we show the girl winning over the guy who smooched her,it was all in fun,be a sport Rakhi" I want to see how Kavita react when someone publicly kisses her with out her consent,will she be a sport??? Nonsense. I wish the judges had something to say about this.

  2. alapana, well i dont watch all the news channels, so didnt know about it..yeah it was hard to see the judges turning a blind eye to it..

  3. very true very true!! We live in a society of hypocrites


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