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May 7, 2007

Thankfully Bush is a Guy

Thankfully George W Bush is a guy

1.If a woman had tried to steal the Florida vote, inspite of not winning the Popular Vote..
Every woman on the planet would have been termed opportunisitic, cunning and manipulative. (Oh I know right now, thats what, most guys think of women (except their mother). But still, the small walls of political correctness would have crumbled heavily.)

2.The 9/11..
It would have been assumed, women are incapable of protecting and leading a family, leave alone a nation.

3.If she had not caught Osama..
It would have just meant, she didnt have the will power or the maturity.
And she probably spent too much time on make up and shopping, like women all over the world.

4.Iraq War..
Iraq war would have happened?? If a woman had been the President,wonder if the Americans would have called the french fries, "freedom fries" so quickly.
If it had been Hillary they would have called her Hallucinating Hillary, and asked her to get more proof or wondered if it had something to do with control issues at home. And perhaps Tony Blair would have become a bigger joke, for supporting a, woman.
And women would have been labelled, insecure and paranoid cratures, who stupidly want to express aggression by engaging in an expensive war with a powerless dictator.

5.No Weapons of Mass Destruction..
It would have meant women , are liars, who are to be never trusted.

6.If a woman had said, its ok to hold people as prisoners without trials..
That would have just meant, she was a coward, who didnt have the guts or any material to prove, anything she said, or did.
And all women would have been viewed as dictators, who are to be never ever given power.

7.Patriot Act..
(And now a couple face 20 years for kissing on air, under Patriot Act, ) Women make stupid rules that bring shame to our nation.
Sigh, isnt it obvious, Women Crave Control.

8.Katrina aftermath?
A message from nature - women are poor leaders by nature.

9.War funding Veto..
Just proves women are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge the message from the nation.

10.Not caring about the Environment inspite of the 8 years warning..
Women are clueless on priorities and dont know whats good for them, leave alone the world.
(On the contrary, Thankfully even Al Gore and John Kerry's are guys, if a woman had lost and had done an "Inconvenient Truth", or wrote a book on environment "This Moment on Earth", that would have been distracting the people by talking about the environment, when people should focus on terrorism.
And it would have also meant, women are clueless on priorities and dont know whats good for them, leave alone the world.)

A foolish guy means just a foolish guy.
A foolish girl means, no girl can be smarter than a guy.
When he "won", I cried and wondered why
Now I am thankful for Bush being a guy.

Update : I think these beliefs might have become popular beliefs. I may be a donkee, but I am not stupid enough to believe all men would believe it. I think many men and women would believe it. And for that matter I could have replaced this post with Obama with perhaps few word changes. Bias is not exclusive to one gender or race, or group. Thanks Ketan for pointing it out.


  1. nothing of that sort happened with indira gandhi. she was called i strong lady by everyone. and she still is.

    its abt the individual not abt the gender!

    the world today has two problems:
    1. women being supressed (i agree!!)
    2. more women cribbing endlessly over it.

    you just contributed ur bit to the second problem

  2. Idiots, nice to see you here:)
    Indhira Gandhi wouldnt have made it, if she hadn't been Nehru's daughter..
    We are talking about USA, one of the 5 countries in the world, where women dont have maternity benefits (no kidding check on that) and there is still a debate there if its ok to vote Hilary because she is a woman..
    And if Hilary had been voted and had done these things as the first woman president, its hard for me to believe, that the gender angle would have been overlooked.

    We had a UN type report on how women are consistently thought of as less capable and have less salary from the beginning..

    I agree on both your points, but I think instead of a woman I had written, physically challenged or afro-american, there are many (not all) people (men and women), who would have formed these prejudices..And I was just laughing at these prejudices (probably i have my share too:D), not just cribbing..

    And dont you read all the stupid forwards generalising women on the blogs? And next time you read one which you think is unrational, and meant to be funny, just give it the treatment you gave my post:)

  3. lHi WIse Donkey

    I stumbled through ur blog although I was searching for something else. Believe u to be a woman trying for emancipation.

    Whether Bush is a guy or girl doesn't matter. I believe all women to be great as I know my mom to be great. Greatness due to sacrifice!!!

  4. aks, hmmm, why should women be great, why should women sacrifice..

    as i have said earlier, "dont worship women or demonise women. just treat her as human.."

  5. Hi WD,

    hopped over from Dilip's blog following your comments there. Skimmed thru your archives, liked your posts on supermom, the film plots, and the Nigerian Nobel was a classic...

    Hit a roadblock at this one. Found it a little paranoid.

    Off now. Maybe back to sample some more writing after my current disappointment subsides.

    If I find a few more samples of this kind, I probably wont be staying around, which is a fair deal right, since from your PoV I am not the "right" kind of guy who gets this either :-)

    thank you,

  6. jai thanks for visiting:)

    i am what i am. i have talked the other point of view too.
    u could check out
    why can't i become a homemaker (dont have preconceived notions about it)
    or he choose to rinse his mouth
    or precious boy 2 (not 1)

    but i won't apologise for what i write. even today i came across a guy judging all women based on his experience with one woman.

    don't know if you are jon stewart fan (the daily show) if u go thru the site u would be amazed at the hypocrisies when it comes to same statements said by different persons.

    and well when i have a donkey in my name, doesn't it prove i don't have much to offer:)

  7. Hi WiseD,

    I like your posts overall and will keep reading. I will also try the posts you mentioned. I dont expect anybody to tailor their writing to suit my tastes :-) I re-read my comment and couldnt figure out where I asked for or expected an apology.

    What we have here is just a simple difference of opinion and between two perfect strangers. I re-read the post too and continue to find it "over the top". You could find it "quite right". no apology-vapology involved.

    You dont particularly owe me even an explanation but thanks for responding :-)

    You are what you are, and if that "being you-ness" involves very many examples of writing like this post above, my "being me-ness" probably leads to me not reading this space too much, and as i pointed out earlier, this act of non-reading would probably from your PoV tell you its "no loss" as my not getting this part of "being you" proves.

    PS: I love Jon Stewart but dont get the show in India.

  8. i visit jon stewart online through through the daniel... best of late night jokes and
    jon highlights the double standards of fox on so many issues. and i still feel convinced that if hilary had done what bush had done, they would have blamed it on liberal.

    instead of liberal i substituted it for girl. and i get to read so many chav. posts.

    you may not think along the lines in the above post but i think there are plenty who do.

    am glad you came back to read the comment. i didn't mean to imply you asked me an apology:D
    but i re-read and if i thought i needed to apologise, i would have.

    and just because i didn't change my post this time, doesn't mean i never do. so criticisms welcome:)

  9. but i didn't understand why you have 2 different blogs jaic?

  10. WDM & Jai,

    Okay, this kind of discrimination does exist. And so does the generalization & ensuing stereotyping. And unfortunately both genders indulge in it, of course not necessarily over the same issues.

    But there is one small flaw in the post. But do point out if what I point out is correct. The tone of the post was such that it gave the impression that every man (& few women) would have said the above things. And in that, the analysis ends up having the same flaw in thinking that WDM is pinning to the subject of her current post. :)

    PS: I'd always thought Bush was woman masquerading as man. I'm surprised wise creatures as yourself also believe in the conspiracy theory that Bush was actually male! :P

  11. ketan well i also heard bush is an alien on a mission to destroy earth..
    thanks for pointing out the error. really appreciate it.

  12. hi jai c i have modified the post and responded to your comment over there. thanks for visiting.


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