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May 10, 2007

He took good Care of his Hair

He took good care; of his silky, wavy, hair.
And everyone loved him, and his hair.
No, not talking about Sanjaya from American Idol.
But about a guy, who said "Urgh,Sweaty head! Helmet, I wont wear"

Today, around him people gathered and gasped,
No broken bones, yet on the road, dead.
Mothers hurriedly closed their child's eyes,
Since his brain had spilled, out of his head.

He cared so much for his hair..
Why didnt he care for his head?
Instead of caring for the silly hair on the head
If only, if only, he had used his head..


  1. Hi, wise donkey,

    You sure got the message through -- simple and clear. :-)

    Hope your week is doing just fine. Take care. God bless you and your family.

  2. wearing helmets is a rule that ppl should follow, even without the need for govt to enforce it thru a law...

    unfortunately, even though it is a law, people don;t follow it...maybe life has really lost its value, even if its one's own.

  3. heyyo donkey (ha, to be honest, it gives a kick to call that itself)
    I like the way the Chennai police have put up banners near most junctions such as "Use your head, wear your helmet"
    Personally, i think its uncomfortable, but I never drive in the city....

    and I was reading your sport blogs last entry... which prompts the question, Are you married?

  4. ellen thanks :)

    @$#!$# yeah..:)

    ab yeah on both counts:)

    away on a trip so curt in comments:)

  5. mmmmmmmmmm

    hi wise DoNk-ie!!
    :) intesting we-yous

  6. heh, nice message conveyed in short. I think Chennai has got it very serious about compelling people to wear helmets..hope other cities too learn!

  7. mind-rambler thanks and yeah:)


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