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May 9, 2007

Mob Maniacs

Instead of surveys on who should be leaders, perhaps we should have a survey on whether the participant will be a murderer, in a mob. The results of a survey can be controversial, but surely it shouldn't result in murders and mayhem.

A Leader gets a negative verdict, burn buses and girls..
Another leader isn't mentioned as the people's favourite in a newspaper's survey, burn the people who work for it...

Decades back a political workers gave up lives and lifestyles for their leaders and country, to get us democracy.
Today its all about killing others and damaging public property, and mobocrazy.

Its not just one or two political party,
but has become the culture of the politics.

When, just when, will people realise that ballots speak better than bullets?

Want to support your leader, canvas during elections.
Frustrated for your leader, take that out by giving something good back to the society. Even out a road, take out the garbage, hand out food, or just give away water.

Why shed blood
When you can give blood.

The politicians wont wake up
But let atleast the voters can wake up.

Violence is sensless and stupid,
do we need a survey to prove it?

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