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Apr 8, 2007

They Dare to Make Money!

"So what happened at the meeting", his wife asked eagerly.

Of course, the minutes of the emergency meeting, held by the Highly Honourable members of the Executive Committee of the Residents Association, with the residents, would be put up on notice board tommorrow, but who read those, anyway?

He replied, "The first 45 minutes was spent on thanking the various committee members, and the last 20 minutes was spent on comparing the samosas of the previous month with the samosas of this month. By the way, I think, the samosas were better last month."

She snorted and gestured to him, to get to the point.

He stretched his legs, closed his eyes and imitated the President.
" and now lets move on to the main agenda. All the members unanimously felt the maids are making too much money. (That was the Cue for nods)

And we have decided to take strong action against them. (The Cue for claps).

Henceforth the maids can work for only 3 flats. (The Cue for loud cheering)

Even if they have time at their disposal, to work for more flats, they can use that time to put in more hours for free, at any of the 3 residents flats. We have decided to cut down on their bonus and slash their salary by 25%. After all they should take pride, in doing their duties and working for us. (Cue for standing ovation and hot samosas)."

"And you didnt say anything against it? Since you are not an executive committee member, we wont get the best maid. What happened to the concept of freedom and free market." She asked horrified.

He replied smugly, "Honey, do you think the maids will agree to it? Unlike some men, the maids have more freedom and can form an association and fight, and say its their time and their discretion and if their performance is below par, the employer can fire, without putting a cap on the hire." .

She nodded and then added, "If only someone would tell the politicians and government officials, they can take only 3 bribes per year..."


  1. nice metaphor..though it would be a nice experiment to regulate bribes...

    and considering the amount of bribes paid in india, i believe taxing them by 10% will bring millions to the indian govts. coffers.

  2. yeah 10% tax is a good idea:)


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