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Apr 18, 2007

License to Kill

Vaguely in my dreams,
I saw a man shooting..and people dying
He doesnt care, said a voice within me
As I tried to focus and asked who gave him, the license to kill

Is he a soldier, killing people who might be insurgents
Is he a patriot fighting off the invaders
Is he the hero in an action movie
Or just a character in a video game..

Or perhaps you are trying to fool me,
I told tiredly to the voice in my dream
He could be a photographer shooting, the hungry
After all hunger kills more than anything or anybody

But why do I try to make sense
When all I feel, is just sadness
Over dead dreams
And the dead in my dreams.

Let me not dream of the disturbed cowards
Who send out an emphatic message, I dont care
Let me dream of the brave, who attempt a small difference
In this hard, cold, world, dare to care ..


  1. :) deeps, there was a mention about the prof who died saving lives by blocking the doors, if only we could focus more on the goodness in this planet..


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