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Apr 4, 2007

A four letter word called Hurt

He came back after the appraisal, feeling hurt. In the past, he would have come out of the office, all smiles. Colleagues, would have smiled back and asked for a party. But this year, it was different. The two decades of good performance didnt matter, the latest project had been a disaster. The smiling, back slapping boss had changed into a frowning cold Boss. And the colleagues, smelling a loser, pretended to be preoccupied.

He had given his best, to the company and it had benefited. True he had earned his performance bonuses, which had taken many times, even his breath away.
But the money had not immuned him from feelings.

He had been a symbol of success, but that shouldnt mean, he shouldnt feel a thing now, right?

He accepted responsibility and could accept criticism of his approach and methods. But just couldnt accept criticism of his commitment and attitude. Didnt people realise, that more than the money, the success of the past projects had meant a lot to him.

Why couldnt they realise, he was human. Why couldnt they realise, the gut wrenching pain he felt, not just when they lost the project, but when he looked up to them for support and understanding.

He wondered which was more unrealistic. Others expecting him to be a Superman or his expecting others to understand he was human.

It hurts when you dont achieve the goals. And it hurts more when others let you down and you realise you are just a money spinning object to them.

He knew they would be back, if he succeeded again. That made him more determined. But somehow, it just couldnt take away the hurt.
Deserted, he walked alone to his seat,
Thirsting for a respite from the heat,
Like a traveller in a desert.
Oh a four letter word call hurt.


  1. Sachin couldn't have said it better himself.

    Very nicely done.


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