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Dec 11, 2006

The Monk who Cut Off His and other links

I need material for blogging, and everyday, I spend couple of hours, browsing. Sometimes I just copy paste the link for reference, and if its serious data, keep the entire article. Since I am unable to blog on all of them, since I am trying to restrict myself to just couple of posts per week.Thought I might do a post on interesting links I came across in the last few weeks.

And for those who are wondering on the title. One among the posts, that I have been trying to frame is on sex and celibacy. Well this is related to it. When I first read it, I was thinking phew, now we could have a new bestseller, The Monk Who Cut off his Penis. But when I realised he didnt want it back, even when, err, it could have been reattached, it did make me wonder, on his mind frame. Till I can come up with something more on it, heres the link
Monk cuts off penis, rejects refix
and some more links, which can make you say, ha ha, hmmm, oh or What!. Read them, and let me know what you think.

A passenger lighted matches in flight to mask odours from her flatulence. Flatulent passenger grounds flight

Photographs taken from orbit suggest that water may have flowed on the surface of Mars in the very recent past — or may still do so — raising yet again the possibility of life on Mars. NASA images show water on Mars. Life?

Reduces traffic jams, pollution and saves fuel and time. Mumbai social network organizes car pooling

Medico Legal Institute of Madhya Pradesh has no idea what to do with about 25 foetuses preserved by it in the hope of offering them for research.
No one has turned up so far to seek them either. Besides the foetuses, it has also preserved an equal number of livers, spleens and brains of foetuses, thinking that either a government institute or a private one would take them for research. A chilling reminder: Bhopal ‘gas leak’ foetuses go on display

Since the mid-1980s, the stubborn brown cloud of pollution that shrouds much of India, coupled with increased concentrations of greenhouse gases, together have limited both the yields and extent of rice farms in the nine Indian states that account for most of the country's wet-season harvest, University of California researchers report in a new study. One of the world's largest clouds of pollution, formed from soot from fires, factories and tailpipes, wafts over much of India. That cloud cuts the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth and in turn reduces rainfall amounts, in part since its dimming effect dents the amount of water evaporated from the sea. Rise in pollution, rice in trouble

The free-software approach poses a challenge to Microsoft Corp, whose success revolves around sales of its long-dominant Windows operating system and Office suite. Google takes technology to schools

The NCAER data is supported by estimates made from school level NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) data: which indicates a somewhat lower level of 2.3 per cent of Muslim children aged 7-19 years who study in madrassas. The proportions are higher in rural areas and among males." Only 3 pc Muslims study in madarssas

The quality of water supplied by municipal corporations in India's metros is unfit for consumption and can cause potentially fatal diseases. Metros neck deep in murky water

The latest data available with the All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) shows that only two of the 131 foreign institutes, offering degrees and diplomas for a range of courses in collaboration with Indian partners, have bothered to get necessary government approvals. Foreign institutes head for trouble

And what if the children too are below the poverty line? And when the retirement age in many companies isnt 60, what about the gap. Instead of this bill, there should be a social practise of not financing the children after they turn 18. Mainly to avoid higher education and wedding exps. that could be used for retirement. If a child can vote, he/she ought to take care of education and marriage. Govt to bring Bill to protect elders

But some experts have doubts over the sketchbook's authenticity. They say the quality of work here isn't as good as his 10-12 other sketchbooks.New Ravi Varma sketchbook discovered

The disabled make up six per cent of India's total population and yet there are no awareness programmes or AIDS-related services for them in India. Disabled population prone to abuse

( is developing a type of spray can into which the man inserts his penis first. At the push of a button it is then coated in a rubber condom. It could be in market from 2008. Here's a tailor-made spray-on condom

After a car accident armed with a degree in Architecture and Inclusive Environments, Shivani Gupta is now involved in doing an access audit, in seeing just how customer friendly the hospitality sector is towards the disabled. Woman beats disability to spread awareness

Sandeep Kaler a visually challenged creates digital audio books for print disabled people. The disabled who are willing & able

This is the 2nd incident in the same unit in 6 months. Family blames officers for Lt Col's death

Because abused kids are not a votebank. Red tape delayed ashram kids' rescue

It takes one month to act for a minister? Poor enforcement makes mockery of laws for children

Thirty-two-year-old Major Manish Pitambare of 3 Paras died from the injuries he received during an operation, in which he killed the Hizbul's most wanted commander Suhail Faisal. Braveheart major dies fighting terror

First lets educate every MP AIDS ignorant: Truckers, and MPs

Underworld Wide Web: Orkut in dock

Get close to Kylie's butt, lose your job This was at the madam tussad

Shocking stats: Every fourth MP in India 'tainted' The interesting thing is that Lok Sabha records show that every fourth MP has a criminal record. Cases range from murder to cheating.Of the UPA's 36 MPs with a criminal background two of whom are in jail. Fifteen are from the Congress, 10 from the RJD and five NCP MPs. The Opposition is no better of the NDA's 37 MPs, 26 of them are from the BJP. While the SP and BSP have 18 MPs with criminal record.

Trained bees can sniff bombs: scientists Bees could be carried in hand-held detectors the size of a shoe box, and could be used to sniff out explosives in airports, roadside security checks, or even placed in robot bomb disposal equipment. the next step would be to manufacture the bee boxes and train security guards in their use.

Teacher crunch affects Patna school One such primary school in Patna does not even have a building and classroom. Rather it is being run in the premises of a temple and the teachers too have gone missing for the past six months. In the Kahjaekala Primary School, senior students have taken to teaching their juniors because for the past month there's been no sign of the government-appointed teachers.

Kolkata students in clean up campaign The environment campaigners spend their Sunday cleaning up a locality with the message not to litter plastic bags and chocolate wrappers.

Retreats for dogs doing good business better for dogs or the dog business?

Italy whips Google over bullying video When Indians hold website officials responsible as in DPS-Bazee case, we are being pig headed but when Europeans do it, they are pioneers

9,000 Delhi kids missing in last three yrs Over 2,500 children have been reported missing in 2006 itself, according to figures available with the missing persons squad of Delhi Police

Cops take ATM route for bribe money The ACB took action and the officials arrested.

RTI turns costly for Punjab farmer He spent Rs.24000 for 11900 pages

HP may treat female foeticide as murder But will the mother suffer? The other iniatives of giving incentives to panchayats with more female births, family planning after girl child etc seem better. But unless, women take care of their parents, parents arent going to wish for girls.

Defective salary scheme irks TN employees While some get no salary others get double salary and it not easy maintaining minimum Balance which comes to 50% of their salary sometimes.

Delhi police to employ Dhoom bikers While the bikers will go through their paces as regular members of the Delhi police, they will also be part of a special squad.

Onions, garlic may lower cancer risk

TN govt to bring in bill on court language Every year nearly one lakh cases are filed in the Madras High Court - a court with one of the highest backlogs in the country.

Dead man gets court summons in Himachal A man who died 26 years ago was asked to appear in a court in Shimla after summons were issued in his name over a land dispute, much to the surprise of his family

Govt seed relief in Vidarbha ends up sowing resentment Read it.

UK protests against Kazakh Hindus harassment I dont know if Indian government also protested.

Wages of power: cattle & cash

Male chimps find older females sexier

China to build world's largest solar plant seeking to ease its dependence on coal to fuel

Branding Children is kutch witch doctors' preferred prescription

Subsidised cow to prevent suicide? In Vidarbha, look who ride cattle scheme

US push for drink detectors in cars

Finally, justice for 3 disabled After TOI highlighted the discrimination against them — of being denied a service cadre despite being selected in the 2005 civil services exams — the Prime Minister took up the matter and on Monday all three were allotted services

Free Viagra spices up small town life

Daughter digs well for disabled parents
Nasrin dug a well for her parents in just 20 days. Her father hurt his chest in an accident a few months ago and can't even take his auto rickshaw out for more than an hour each day.

2 of my favourite opinions recently
Kaun banega conpati On the Amitabh UP ad. I agree with every word in it.
Women in public life confront sexist hypocrisy that goes by the name of tradition On the Vasundra Raje, kiss controversy.

344th post.


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