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Jun 19, 2005

Dont watch Anniyan if

Dont watch Anniyan if

1.You are going to watch it on pirated CDs
2.You are going to buy a black ticket to watch it
3.You are going to the theatre to just have fun and tease the person in front of you
4.You want to show off your Anniyan ringtone 25 times during the movie
5.Its going to be just another movie, and the message is not going to mean anything for you (OK Ok, its none of my business:D)

Read somewhere on the effect of the play Harichandra (The king who refused to utter a lie inspite of hardships) on Gandhi when he was young.

Can a movie make a difference or will it be a hit at the box office without its message hitting your heart?

The choice is yours.

PS : I am still enjoying my vacation and will be back during the 2nd week of July


  1. New post!! Oh ok, you are still on vacation.. grrrrrrrr... I am envious of u!


  2. Good to hear that you are enjoying your vacation@!!!!

    Very eagerly awaiting your return!!

  3. Glad to see u r post here,waiting eagerly for u r return:) hugs

  4. ok I will not :) DOnt watch Jo bole so Nehal... BRRRR YUCKKKK

  5. 6.You dont know Tamil and a Tamilian friend translating wld lead to getting ur butts kicked outta theatre ! :)
    Enjoy !! :) :)

  6. was here...have a nice holiday...

  7. sray :D (hmmm well i am envious of the bloggers out there who are blogging)
    @$#!$# thanks :)
    akruti hugs to you, take care:)
    Pallavi thanks :D
    Recca lol yeah why didnt i think of that :D
    Mehak nice to hear from you , thanks :)

  8. you say you are on vacation till july and you put up a post?
    (the smiley's stolen from y! messenger)


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