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Jun 24, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

Well my "vacation" has been extended by 2 more months.
Sure I have net access and can post, but its not the same when I dont have time to read all the blogs I visit regularly. And blogging for me is not just typing stuff, which will cure insomania but also reading the other blogs.

So again postponing my blogging till 2nd week of September.

Words fail me at the moment. Perhaps this is a conspiracy theory hatched by some Pharma Company executives in Switzerland since my blogging could have meant reduced profit from sleeping pills for them.

Catch you all in 2 months, Take care and happy blogging :)


  1. 2 moreee months of holidaying !!!!!! thats greaaaaaaaaaat :) (great for ya but i m dying from jealousyy :D) ..have a great time :)

  2. Oh,two months more:( well,u enjoy ass u can,will mail u soon:)

  3. Have fun :-). Hope u have some nice stories to tell when you come back!

  4. Hmmmm... me thinking what vacation are you on???

    my vacations just seem to shrink smaller and smaller until they completely disappear....

    Enjoy the vacation..eagerly awaiting your return!!!

  5. hey gaya, what is this?? was hoping u wud be back soon


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