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Jul 15, 2011

Comfort vs Happiness

Familiarity is soothing and comfortable. I could evolve from an animal, but I can't dissolve those survival instincts.
Why should I change, when everything changes except change, anyway?
Why should I dare to speak, when silence is easier. 
Why should I blog? When its easier to just think of a post, frame it in my mind and then move on. 
There would be no anxiety over its outcome, no pouting over the lack of comments, and no need to respond or elaborate.
Inertia is easy, and so comfortable. 

Pursuit of Happiness, requires risks and sacrifices. And perhaps, the emotion of happiness overrated? And the experts tell me, there are two types of happiness, the permanent and the temporary, "high".

I am going through many emotions at the moment. This week I have to make another trip to Chennai. And it seems to me, every time I blog, its about a trip from or to Chennai. Offline, its not just a loss of a family member, but tough times with people whom I thought were friends who thought I was just an acquaintance. And yet I have not become a cynic, thanks to the support and thoughts of  some bloggers I have come across. 

A voice within tells me the good old days of blogging are over, with the new responsibilities. While another voice says, hey you have taken the toughest step, the first step.

Aargh I was just so happy being comfortable in my zone, keeping quiet, and being wise, and yet its impossible to shut out the donkee within. 


  1. So, the WD is back. And I tell you, you were missed :)

  2. And,I hope that you can never shut out the donkee within. I really do miss your insightful posts. I also hope that your days of stress get better. Sometimes, writing provides an outlet and stray opinions can cheer you up. Life is that way. Blogging to me is comforting.

  3. thanks tarun and rachna:) i was so afraid of being abandoned:)

    betrayal hurts a lot, and it just wants to make me crawl within..

    i really missed blogging , for me thats not just posting new posts but reading diff posts.. hopefully i can find the time again..

    thanks you both made my day:)

  4. Hi WD.. How are you doing .. good to see you back.

    Loking forward to your posts now ..


  5. wonderful to be back bikram:)


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