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Jul 18, 2010

Sugar Swami and the Hand that Feeds

She heard her brother advise her son "Yes, target the anxious mothers, who are being constantly told by everyone around them, their child is too thin. If you sell to them, with couple of mumbo jumbo phrases, and assure them, thats enough for their child, it would be an instant hit. Of course for the child to take it, the main ingredient has to be sugar."

Her son added "I think if I say I have added a herbal component, it would be more easier."
Her brother gushed "Brilliant! You are smart my boy!"

She rushed in, and screamed at her brother, "I told you to advise him on career choices and you want him to become a Godman! The media will ridicule him as Sugar Swami and roast him!"

Both burst into laughter. Between his laughter her son said "No ma, the media will not roast me, after all, I will be one of the hands that feeds them."

Her brother cleared her confusion by clarifying "He is not going to be a Godman, just an Entrepreneur, marketing a new beverage for children."

Grudgingly she said "India is the diabetes capital of the world, you are not helping anyone by making the kids have more sugar"

Ignoring her, her son said "In our ads, we should claim it tastes so good, the child will come after you for it, and will lie or steal to have it. That should please the parents..".


  1. Sugar Swami...I like it!

    You have captured the truth brilliantly. Just say herbs, vitamins, minerals...and claim names of exotic institutes that have approved them is enough to sell products

  2. True. Parents readily fall for these days. And, kids are so spoilt sometimes, that in a bid to feed them, their parents end up doing more harm than good.

  3. insignia and rachna, what about the media..:)

  4. Oh yes! the media. Dont even talk about them! They are up for grabs anytime as long as they get TRPs

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i wrote a comment and it got lost...

    Why does it happen.. now to bring all that chain of thought back...

    Anyway all this is just a game i think and all are hand in gloves with each other.. the exotic insitute.. some weird names they come up with BUT i feel anything that has preservatives or has been amde in bulk and kept for later use CANNOT be good for anyone..

    the media does not help either... a nice article and as the kid mentioned .. the meadi is only interested in MONEy they get that then anything goes because i have never heard media taken to task when a company is brought to books.. after all the media also helped them :)

  6. insignia of course:)

    bikram oh that can be so irritating..
    couldn't agree with u more, especially re preservatives and artificial colorings..but its quite scary when u think of what the future Indians are consuming..if we can say no to alcohol tobacco ads, we should look into what goes into kids products and their marketing stratey.
    50% of Indian kids are malnourished and the other half doesnt eat healthy. what will happen to the future of India...

    an interesting read
    taller smarter fitter kids

  7. hey donkey! Just saw the news channels telecasting the news of Sachin Tendulkar's cheek swabs being sold for 35 lakhs. What cannot be sold in India?

    I also pity the students who behind the promise of intl education in india, just like anxious mothers feeding the magic potions to their children.

    What abt SRK and his potion for being fair and handsome?


  8. sachin did it for charity , a school i think..instead of focusing on that majority of Indians don't have access to education, its easier for media to target and talk about sachin!

    srk is an industry by himself:)

  9. very subtle ...i like ur works !!


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