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Jul 13, 2010


The eighteen month old child, woke up from his sleep. He heard his mother talking with someone over the phone. He got up silently, to reach her, when his eyes fell on a gift his mother had purchased for him. Quietly he went over to it, to remove it from its bag. It was a picture of his favourite animal, elephant.
With joy he snatched it from the box, but it simply fell into pieces.

He howled in anger and sorrow. His mother, who had been moaning about her life being blown into pieces by an unconcerned God, rushed to the child and explained it was a jigsaw elephant and it would be MORE fun to put the pieces together...


  1. Great approach! Positive thinking in adverse circumstances.

  2. I am out of words WD. This is a masterpiece. I so loved it. Great one!! Have a smile on my lips now

  3. thanks insignia, felt this post while taking out the puzzles for my kid:)

  4. I like the background of a coffee cup, and the whole brown look of the blog. Maybe, you could change the font of the title, somehow it does not look very impressive. Just my opinion.

  5. this was soooopeerrrrr, I liked it :)

  6. Rachna, really appreciate your feedback. I also didn't like the title but was lazy to change it. will do something about it. thanks :)

    tarun thanks:)

  7. nice one .. positive attitude takes one a long long way.. and having a mum like that to a child , he is sure lucky to have her.

    But there is a bad sight to that too, cause in life sometimes putting the pieves together or Trying to put them together may not be ideal, sometimes its right to pick the pieces and throw them away, to MOve on or get a new one :)

    just my stupid thoughts ...

  8. bikramjit nice perspective, and i agree, but i wrote it for the cribbers who expect everything readymade.

    after all life isn't just about a goal, but a journey..

  9. waaao ...that was simply amazing ...gave me goosebumps ...plz do write such stuff ...what a wonderful thought!!!

    this makes me add u to my list of happening bloggers !!! a thumbs up !

  10. thanks vicious:)
    you might like my fly series under sky label:)


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