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Dec 8, 2009

Maybe but Move On

Maybe if Rahul got his people to live, for a day, in the Carbide Contamination,
Maybe if Modi disbursed the Unclaimed Crore, to Casualties as Compensation,
Maybe if the other Modi, creates Bhopal Badshahs, and its owned by Ranbir Sensation,
Maybe if Osama bin Laden, claimed, Carbide was his first operation,

Maybe, Maybe, The Victims of the Gas Tragedy would get more attention.
But more attention is meaningless, without some positive action.
There will probably be no extradiction. Let there be atleast more monetary compensation.

Maybe I live in denial and dreams,
Posting a token, to vent off my steam.
But worse than being killed and maimed by a gas
Is to be treated with apathy by the (patriotic), mass.

Tough to accept, an Indian life is worth more than the American Cough?
Move on, since you are unprivileged Indian, life will be Tough??

PS :
I am late by a week, but thats negligible compared to 1300 weeks.

Twenty-five years ago, Union Carbide's factory in Bhopal spat out 40 tons of aerial poison in the form of methyl isocyanate, killing nearly 4,000 immediately and some 15,000 since then.

The victims of the tragedy received a flat sum of a mere Rs 25,000 by way of compensation, compared to the Uphar cinema fire in Delhi whose victims received Rs 18 lakhs each.


  1. Seriously man, excellent. You know I am ashamed here I had myself forgotten about this atrocity towards the people of bhopal, I remember visiting the place years ago.

    Thanks for the reminder, it was indeed atrocious how the indian Govt failed to bring the Foreign company to the dock, the money paid is furthur simply ridiculous.

    god bless the ones who are still suffering.. Excellent Write up.. We need such articles to come up now and again to remind us of all that has happened lest we forget them ...

  2. hii!

    u r right :)
    its painful to see the plight of such victims but govt just dont care

  3. bikram thanks.
    A S its not just the govt i feel..

  4. not just the govt? please elaborate :)

  5. well there has not been much public outrage either..


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