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Sep 30, 2007

Where Were You

She knew she was supposed to feel happy and excited. Neighbours and friends filled their house and there was an impromptu party. Tears of joy ran down her parent's cheeks. Everyone wanted to be photographed with her and kisses were showered on her cheeks. Perhaps I am numb from joy, she dejectedly thought. She heard her father taking credit for the battle she had fought.

Few months back, in the first round of another singing competition, she had been eliminated. And she remembered their harsh reaction, to her blunder.
They had called her a loser and had scorned her aspirations. It had hurt to lose in the competition, but nothing matched the hurt, of being disowned. The shame she felt, when her parents, said they were ashamed of her. Surely there was more to her than her performance?

Perhaps its tough love, she reasoned to herself. But wouldn't it have been wonderful, if they had been there for her, even when she lost, she wondered.

Its not the time to think, just enjoy the moment, she told herself.
Yet, wished, those around her would, love not just the victory, but also herself.
Failure is an orphan while success has many fathers,she realised, as she smiled at everyone who had gathered.

Yet, she wanted to say, Instead of just giving me this wonderful toast,
Where were you all, when I needed you the most.

was to be posted on September 26, 2007

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