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Sep 19, 2007

Path of Ram Part 2 - Just Two

Whats the difference between members of Al Qaeda who kill those who don't believe in their God and those who killed two humans today to express their support for the Ram Sethu? The numbers of course. Terrorists kill Thousands, after all its just two..

Yeah two doesn't mean a thing, unless, its you and me.

PS : Hey Ram, what a U-turn! Sethu project was BJP's baby


  1. absolutely ..hope someday people will understand the difference.

  2. Whats terrorism for one is "a fight for a cause" for another. Whether the cause is justified, God only knows!

    BTW heart congrats to you too. Good to know you are in the same boat ;-).

  3. hey yr right.... it amazes me, how people can actually make up their minds to kill... i mean, after all they would discuss it and all b4, na? how can they bring the dreaded thought into words that 'why dont we finish him off....'

    and regarding yr prev post... if everyone just made a collective decision that i will do the right thing selflessly, again, we wouldnt have problems... because everything in the world can be broken down to right and wrong...
    hey i like your thoughts... somehow feel that you live them... so am proud of you!

  4. saaya yes:)

    deeps:) i really believe, that its not justified:) goal doesnt justify the path..

    ab thanks:) i am just not able to see how people think condemning Karunanidhi's statement is more imp than thinking about 2 lives lost forever..thats just as chilling as the attitude of the killers..


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